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Crocheted Face Scrubbies & Holder by Hobbyzu {review}

HobbyZu is an awesome crochet shop with some very awesome creations from her. She is a very sweet and loving person and it was a pleasure to work with such an amazing person with such amazing talent. I have loved crochet for a long time, I started teaching myself this year, and I love it. It is relaxing, and amazing what you can create from yarn. =)

About Zu~


Hello and welcome to Hobbyzu Accessories & Design!

My name is Zuleika and I'm a mother of three gorgeous boys with numerous hobbies to keep me sane. :-) I taught myself to crochet when I was about 17 or so and haven't stopped since! 
I love to design and create accessories and wearables, and hope you either find a handmade item or crochet pattern you like.

Hats and other accessories are all crocheted by me, and I take pride in producing quality items to the best of my ability.

I design patterns for the beginner crocheter to intermediate, and occasionally a slightly difficult level. But only slightly! :-) I believe in patterns that don't get your brain all twisted while you try to follow them. :-)

I don't mind if you sell the items you make from my patterns, but please don't reproduce my patterns and sell them, or pass the patterns off as your own. I know it's next to impossible to control what happens to my patterns, but I'm hoping that the majority of you are as honest as I believe you to be. :-)

Please also stop by my blog at http://hobbyzuand.wordpress.com to see what I've been up to lately. I love visitors! :-)

You can also find me here:

Etsy - www.hobbyzu.etsy.com  
Twitter - www.twitter.com/hobbyzu 
Ravelry - http://www.ravelry.com/people/HobbyzuAnD 
SpringPad - http://springpadit.com/hobbyzu

I was fortunate enough to review HobbyZu’s Face Scrubbies. They are SO awesome, I don’t know how I lived without it. It feels like I am giving myself a makeover in my bathroom, which is so nice and relaxing. I feel like I’m washing my face with a cloud. Seriously, I’m not joking.

You may think I’m being funny but it’s the truth. If you could just FEEL them, you would know what I am talking about. These pieces are so beautifully structured and designed. She is such a crochet genius and I envy her skills. =)

I loved both of the sets she sent me. But of course my favorite was the green. (Always is) LOL.

But how sweet it is to be able to wash your face scrubbies instead of buying new face wipes or whatever your currently using to wash those pretty faces? Before this I was just using washcloths, and I am NEVER going back. I currently feel like the at-home spa goddess with these.

each set came with 6 scrubbies and a beautiful holder to keep them in. I love them.

I usually use apricot scrub to wash my face after washing it with face wash. I love how the feeling of it makes my face so much cleaner, but it sucks when you have to put it on with your fingers, so I tried these and they worked amazingly with the scrub. It made my face feel as if it were bonding with the scrub, which was cool because it made my face feel so much cleaner than just putting it on with my fingers. I love these and when I’m old and gray you will still see these on my bathroom sink because I am never giving them up.

My favorite thing about these (besides being beautiful and as soft as a cloud) is the little places to fit your fingers. This is was so awesome. I didn’t have to fight to hold the scrubbie while cleaning my face. A major plus. I swear- If I could, I would buy everything HobbyZu sells. She is a crochet goddess in my book. I love all her designs.

Some of my faves♥

Set of 6 Facial Scrubbies with Storage Pouch in Pink and Black

Deep Red and Black Visor Slouch Hat

Cotton Visor Beanie in brown - Adult Large

I think all of these are so adorable. If you crochet, she also sells crochet patterns.

I loved working with Zu, she is so sweet and awesome =)

I was in no way paid to do this review. HobbyZu is just so awesome, that she let me review her products so I could tell the world how amazing she and her work are…

but she didn’t know what I would write at the time, because I always post an honest review. But hobbyzu is a site to keep on your Christmas buying list, because who wouldn’t love a little handmade awesomeness? I know I do.

Thanks so much Zu, your awesome, amazing, and absolutely humble. (How could you be worried I wouldn’t like them?) I love love love them. ♥


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