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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pursuit of Justice (Call of Duty) by DiAnn Mills {Book Review}

Pursuit of Justice

(Call of Duty)

 For centuries, the legend of the Spider Rock Treasure has lured people to West Texas with promises of unimaginable wealth.

And it just claimed three more victims

Did they fall prey to the legend’s curse or just get too close to someone’s discovery? To investigate the murders, the FBI calls one of its most promising up-and-comers- Special Agent Bella Jordan. What they don’t know is that one of their prime suspects is deeply connected to the past she’s been running from for fourteen years.

As Bella begins to sift through evidence, another murder and threats on her own life convince her she’s hunting an experienced killer...and he’s not working alone. To catch the suspect before he catches her, Bella must draw on all her skill and instinct and finally gather the courage to face the memories she’s tried so hard to forget.

H My review

A book about Bella Jordan, special Agent in the FBI who is sent on a task to catch the Spider Rock Murderer. Is there really a treasure that these men lost their lives for? Or is it a hoax- buried somewhere where no one will find it, or possibly already found?

This book keeps you glued to the page with it’s well written chapters. It never spills the secrets, only lets you grab more and more evidence as you go on, still surprising with what really happens.

Bella went to live with her Aunt when she was 15, to try and get away from the poverty that her dad had placed on his family years ago after her mother died.

She isn’t sure whether her greedy father has anything to do with the murders, so when threats happen and she almost loses her life, it keeps her head spinning.

And mine as well... I didn’t know the people who were involved until they clearly showcased it. So- props to the writer.

It isn’t an easy crime to solve. While the investigation is going on, more people are dying and Bella doesn’t know which direction to point her finger in. There are so many possibilities as to who could have made such a mess of this Texas town.

Carr Sullivan is the main suspect because the 3 dead men were found on his property and he used to have an ager/drinking problem. There’s Brandt Richardson who has been searching for the treasure as long as anyone can remember and who is wanted by the FBI for previous murders and Bella is determined to get the bottom of all the craziness.

And while all this is happening- her FBI partner Vic Anderson, a 20 year veteran has left her in the middle of the investigation. She doesn’t know what to think or how to act about his disappearing- claiming his wife has cancer. She didn’t know whether to believe the iffy story or if in fact it were true.

It’s a great book that I know you would love to have on  your bookshelf. It is a Fiction/Romance/Suspense that brings a little faith in your life.

I want to thank Tyndale Network for letting me review this awesome book. It is a great suspense novel and one that I am glad to say I have read and have on my bookshelf.


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