Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here I am @ 1am

Here I am awake at 1:00 in the morning. My entire family is asleep. This is the only time I get to myself. Usually kids are running crazy, trying to destroy the house.

So here I am- Dora’s still on in the background. “Backpack, backpack” how those songs stick with me. But Adisyn loves it..

Drinking coffee, trying to organize my files, which isn’t a pretty site. Adam is always telling me I’m such a pack-rat. It’s true, I admit it. I am such a sucker for keeping stuff, and somehow managing to get more stuff on top of that. I don’t know why-  I just do.

I wish I had some organizing furniture I really do. It would make my life so much easier. Since I live in an apartment though, space is very limited. I have a 3 bedroom, and every room and closet is crammed with stuff. Not like THROWN in there, it’s stacked neatly, but still.

I did a review for CSN stores last year, and thought I was going to be reviewing a filing cabinet (a rotating one) when what I really got what was an insert for someone who already has one..


I am really hoping to gain some more followers and get people interested in my blog again. People were loving me last year, but when my laptop tore up.. it wrecked that.

But I’m back and offering guest posts for someone who would like to post a craft tutorial or something to the sort. It can already be posted somewhere else, as long as it’s a tutorial..

I am going to be receiving a bunch of products this week and could use some comment love when it comes to these giveaways,

I’ve noticed that since I have been trying to catch up on reviews, I haven’t been able to update much on life and my kids.

Aidan has been in headstart, but it seems like he is out of school more than he is in. Where he was premature, he catches stuff so easily..

So needless-to-say, Adi’s been sick too. He catches it there, and then brings it back to her. I really need to schedule flu shots this week.

Adisyn is getting so big and so smart. It amazes me what a 2 year old can learn. She tries to count. She gets some of them right. I’m going to start working with her more on stuff. Headstart wants her to start in Feb.

I wrecked my trailblazer. It was in town, and I wasn’t going that fast, but my blazer is still crunched up in the front. We had just paid it off. We went to a buy here pay here lot in Bowling Green and got it. We paid $4000 for it, and with the damages from the wreck the insurance place settled for $2600. So all in all, I didn’t pay that much for it, and I’m still driving it.

We hooked a tow strap to the bumper and pulled it away from the tires. If I can remember, I’ll post the police report on here tomorrow. I have so much to get done though, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to it. Laundry is  a must, even though I hate the laundry mat.

We had a rental car for a week. We got a Chevy HHR. Have you seen one?

Chevrolet HHR 2LT in Silver Ice Metallic shown with the standard Bright Chrome Appearance Package.

32/mpg… is that awesome or what? I loved it and wished I could’ve had one. It drives so smooth, and was big enough to accommodate my SUV neediness.

But..I feel the caffeine starting to wear off, and I still have to clean up my mess.. so I’ll get back at you guys tomorrow..



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