Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smell like a Queen- Perfume Pointers

When it comes to perfume or cologne, less is more. People think that if they spray more it will last all day. This is definitely false. You just end smelling too strong, and people 3 feet away can smell you. This isn't a good thing. Perfume is something personal, like your signature scent, so don't try and go cheap cheap when deciding. You don't want to come off smelling like an too clean toilet bowl. People shouldn't smell you before they see you.

I read somewhere in a magazine that you shouldn't put perfume directly on your clothes. This can wear off easily. You should apply it to the heated parts (temples) of your body. Back of knees, wrists, and of course- your neck. This releases scent in an inviting way instead of overpowering. Remember just to dabble some on your fingertips and apply, instead of spraying. This will rid of the alcohol type smell. & then spray in front of you {cloud} and walk through it.

You should also get perfumes for each season. In the summer/spring try something light and flirty. This is to keep a heavier scent getting much heavier and mixing with sweat.

What perfumes do you like?

What have you used for years?

Do you have a signature scent?

I have loved Amber Romance from Victoria's Secret for as long as I can remember.

Same as said about any smell involving Vanilla and Brown Sugar, or cucumber melon in body sprays.

For real perfumes, I like Tommy Girl

Tommy Girl Perfume by Tommy Hilfiger 3.4 oz Cologne Spray for Women


Lucky You by Liz Claiborne - Eau De Toilette Spray 6.7 oz

Davidoff Coolwater

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau De Toilette Fragrance Gift Set

Happy Spritzing..

Post your favorite Perfume..



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