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Friday, November 11, 2011

Squinkies Review

Squinkies Review.


These new Squinkie Products are sure to be a huge hit with boys 4 and over everywhere.



I first reviewed Squinkies last year. I had never seen or heard of them before the review. They have different categories of Squinkies. Girls and Boys.

Last year I reviewed the girl Squinkies which came with babies, girls, horses, puppies, kitties, and princess crowns, wands, and shoes…

My daughter and my niece adored them.. The girl squinkies can attach to necklaces and bracelets so you can show em off.. The squinkies just clip right into the notches.

Now, they've come up with boy toys, which I got to review this time. They attach to the little "rides" they come in. There are spots where you can sit them (like they are driving the ride) and then you can put extra squinkies inside the ride. My son and stepson loved them (as well as my daughter) My husband somehow STILL calls the Squenchies…lol. It was so fun to open these packages because my kids were all over me, saying "open, open mommy." You'd almost swear it was Christmas. My stepson is 8, my son 4, and my daughter 2. So they can be given to a variety of kids. You have to watch kids under 4 with them because squinkies are so small, they are considered a choking hazard (They have it printed right on the package)

There are 4 squinkie rides…

They are bigger than a matchbox car, but can hold the tiny squinkies inside, for instant kid attraction.

The Squinkies Space Ride-->


The Squinkie Space Ride is a very cool space ship that attracted both the attention of my stepson, Alex and my son, Aidan. It came with an alien squinkie, and 2 astronaut squinkies.

The Squinkie Low Ride-->


The Squinkies Low Ride is a low rider truck that comes with a bulldog and 2 "gangster" dudes. Aidan especially loved this one. I was so thrilled to see the kids play with these, getting along, and me not have to say something to them every 5 minutes about sharing. =)

The Squinkie Tuff Ride-->


The Squinkies Tuff Ride is a tank that comes with 3 army soldiers. I like that the "rides" comes with squinkies that relate to that ride. It is something different, and am looking to buy more for Christmas. It's not like buying a barbie, and then having to buy all her friends, plus a dollhouse, and then all the accessories. These rides come with people, and then you can purchase more if you like. Isn't that so cool of the Squinkie Makers?

And the Squinkies Extreme Ride-->


The Squinkies Extreme Ride looks like a roller skate/ skateboard park. It opens up to hold squinkies. It comes with 3 skaters. It was so cool to see the kids play with something for more than 15 minutes and lose interest in them.

These "rides" are like a carrier for Squinkies. They hold 10-15 squinkies, so your little guy can have something to play with when you travel, are at the doctors office, or to entertain himself while your busy. I think these toys are the most unique and thoughtful toy I've seen this year. They are small and convenient enough to play with without all the hassle of a bulky bag you have to lug everywhere. The kids played with these all day, making up little cool games, and sounds to go with them.

The Skull Cavern Playset


The Skull Cavern playset, is like a gumball or toy machine. Each squinkie that you purchase (whether with a ride, or in a pack) comes with a squinkie ball.

You can then put the squinkie inside the ball and place it inside the skull cavern playset, and store them. The Playset comes with 6 exclusive squinkies and 4 squinkie coins.

You can use this as a "bribe" for your kids. Get them to pick up their room for a token, penny, or dime (Which all can be used in the playset to emerge a ball.) You can keep refilling the playset, so the kids have something to look forward to, and you don't have to keep asking them to be on their best behavior. A squinkie will do the trick. Haha.

The playset opens up to feature a squinkie "house" with a setting place for 1 squinkie on each side.


Now on the to the actual squinkies.

The Squinkies Hotwheel series..


Each series contain 12 squinkies. These cars are so cool they're cold, lol. My kids adored them, and played with them as if they were actual hotwheels. They don't move, but it doesn't keep kids from pretending they do.

I received the series 2 hotwheels. They loved these little cars, and I thought I'd end up buying the other 2 series for them for Christmas.

There are 3 series to the regular "doll" squinkies.


There are tough guys, dino's, football players, aliens, ninjas, basketball players, army elite, robots, and the dice. You can play a game with these squinkies (much like playing the pokemon cards and such.) There are 2-8 players. The instructions are below. If you win, you get to choose another persons squinkie to keep…WOW


Marvel Series 1 squinkies


These are the Marvel Squinkies Series 1. These are very awesome. Alex loved these, they were his favorite. It came with Spiderman, Thor, Green Goblin, Thing, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Ironman, Human Torch, Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk, and Magneto. "How totally cool," Alex said, "small superheros" They were a big hit with the kids.

Here are some random pics of the kids playing with the squinkies..







You can contact the Squinkie Company many different ways.

You can find them @


Their blog http://blog.squinkies.com

You can "like" them on Facebook www.facebook.com/squinkies

Follow them on twitter www.twitter.com/squinkies

And on Youtube www.youtube.com/squinkies

This is my own opinion of the squinkies products. I was not persuaded or paid in anyway to write this blog. I agreed to write an honest review for products. I want to thank the Squinkies company for allowing me to have this priveledge.

Love, Jess


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