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Monday, November 28, 2011

UgleePen Review & Giveaway (closed)

I admit it. I’ve fallen in love. I have always loved to write, for as long as I can remember anyway. I enjoy writing. Each mind-flow has to be handwritten though. Working directly on a computer doesn’t inspire me, I have to feel the pen in my hand to get my brain flowing creatively. I’ve had so many cramps and pains from using uncomfortable pens. This wasn’t my choice, I just could never find a pen that told the truth. All these pens were saying that they were comfortable and glides just oh-so smoothly across the pen. Oh, were they ever so wrong.
The Ugleepen had me from hello. I’m not even sure why it’s called the Ugleepen, I think it’s design looks awesome. I love everything about it. How the gripper feels so jelly-like, like it’s just molded to fit your hand. When your writing the pen leans the way you hold it, it makes sacrifices for YOU. Not you for it.
I want to personally thank Dr. James Lee for this innovative discovery. I’m sorry that he had to be in discomfort to find the calling of this pen, but I’m grateful he did.
It feels so amazing to actually put the fun back into writing. Before this pen, I had to time writing by the hand cramps. I could tough it out for awhile, but then my hand would be consumed with pain.
The best thing about the Ugleepen is how it remains comfortable, no matter which position you hold your pen.
The ink just seems to flow so freely. No more skips and having to trace over something again- wasting time and possible train of thought. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use gel pens. I can’t stand for a pen to miss half the word they are supposed to write.
Gel pens may come in some awesome colors, but I won’t even use them to decorate because of that eerie scratching thing they do to the paper. It freaks me out, and sends chills up my spine.
  • uglee pen red
  • uglee pen pink
  • uglee pen white
  • uglee pen yellow
  • uglee pen green
  • uglee pen blue
  • uglee pen gray
That’s the reason that this pen is so awesome to me. It is so smooth on the paper, no scratchy sounds, comfort, choices of color, and a very awesome unique design that will soon be EVERYWHERE. This trend will be one that lasts lifetimes. I wouldn’t mind paying $20 for 3 pens, because they last forever it seems. I received 3, and am still on the first one (and you don’t even want to know how much I’ve already written with it) =) And then you can buy refills for really cheap.
Everything I begin to sign something or write something, automatically, I reach for the Ugleepen. Even at the bank when I was drawing money out, the bank teller tried to hand me one of theirs, and I was like “Care if I use my own?” I can’t help it. Once I found this pen, I was stricken. =)
I hate those pens that make you look unprofessional because after the third page of written notes, your hand starts to hate you and your handwriting starts looking like maybe a third grader started taking notes for you. With the Ugleepen you get the same handwriting whether it’s the first page or the twentieth. It never gets tiring, because of it’s lightweight design.
If you have questions about the Ugleepen you can find the FAQ’s {here}
If you have questions about Dr. Lee you can find them {here}
Pretty soon one of you lucky Made.By.Jess readers will be experiencing this for yourself. You’ll get a chance to win a set of 3 Ugleepens valued at $20.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and completely honest. I did promise to write an honest review in exchange for products.
I want to thank Ugleepen, and it’s maker Dr. James Lee for sponsoring this giveaway on my blog.
{If you can't see the rafflecopter form- just give it a second to load. 


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