Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Babar and Father Christmas DVD Review & Giveaway

The DVD Babar and Father Christmas is a really nice addition for the holidays. It contains 3 short stories, with Babar and his family.

Babar and Father Christmas is the first story. This is based on the book with the same name. Babar and his wife Celeste live in Celesteville with their 3 children; Flora, Pom, and Alexander. They have heard about how Father Christmas brings presents to humans on Christmas, and write him a letter asking him to come to Celesteville. But Rataxes, the Rhinoland leader, thinks he can steal the letter, and keep all the toys for himseld. So Babar wants to find Father Christmas and ask him face to face to visit Celesteville.
"A Child In the Snow," is the second short animation on this DVD. Babar and his family go on vacation in the mountains. But he also has a plan that nobody know about. He plans to try and find a giant creature that he first seen as a child.
"The Gift," is the third short. Babar wants to get the old lady a special present from the “Way out Bird” which happens to be a feather from his tail. The only problem is that the only place to find the bird is the “way out peak” which happens to be a very dangerous spot.
My kids had never watched Babar before. They loved it. I really think this DVD will become a family tradition on the holidays. I took some time to talk to them, and tell them that they were lucky to have Santa come and visit, because some kids don’t get to be visited by him. They thought it was an awesome movie, and I thought it had an awesome theme. I have already added this to the list of Christmas movies for us to watch  before Christmas. Your kids would probably enjoy this as much as mine did. The animation is bright and catches their eye, and the stories all have meaning behind them.
Disclosure: All opinions in this post are honestly mine. This is not a sponsored post. I did receive the DVD to review from EntoneGroup..
and Now for the Giveaway
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