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Friday, December 16, 2011

Charm Factory Review & Giveaway

What woman doesn’t like at least a little bit of Jewelry? I love wearing charm bracelets. The very idea that you can add whatever charms you want, to personalize your experience is awesome.
I chose the Green Beaded Bracelet.

I really truly love this bracelet, in fact I haven’t taken it off since I received it in the mail..
Now that I look closely, there are so many that I actually do like. The Graduation bracelet.
Graduation Year Bracelet
Just because it has green beads & a personalized number charm for the year you graduated.
Charm Factory has so many different Charms and Bracelet Choices that it is so hard to choose. They are all so beautifully made.

I have reviewed products from Charm Factory before, so it wasn’t a BIG surprise that I loved the bracelet to pieces. They are so well made, yet so inexpensive.
Making them great gifts to give on any special occasion or holiday.
These bracelets are made from silver tone, which is nice. I have been allergic to Nickel my entire life, so anything jewelry wise that isn’t real, breaks me out and makes my skin itch like crazy.
These bracelets never do this to me. Like I said, I haven’t taken this one off. I love the color green, and yes- I will wear it whether I’m wearing green or pink. Matching jewelry has never been a big deal to me.
I favorite jewelry. I pick what I like most and wear it for awhile, and then choose something else. I never take off my rings, and lately it has been the norm to see me sporting the bracelet.
I can’t even tell that it is a $11 bracelet. It feels and looks so classy and stunning. If I had not have known the price beforehand, I would have thought that the cost would be around $40-$50. It’s not of course- which is AWESOME.
Who wouldn’t want something that looks sophisticated and classy, for a cheap price? This means you have more money to buy MORE. Which I love, and I’m sure Charm Factory loves. Who wouldn’t love to give their customers high design for low prices?
I also like the fact that you can buy a regular silver tone bracelets and necklaces and add your own customized bead and charm choice.
2.9mm Silver Tone 8 inch Bracelet
If I were building a bracelet, here are some of the charms I would choose to go on it {Just to give you some idea of how many choices they have available.)
I really like this Baby Cup Charm. I would love to show the world I am a mom with such a style. ♥
Baby Cup Charm
I have TONS of clothing. Adam actually makes fun of me because I have so many clothes. What can I say? This girl loves choices..
So when I seen the clothes hanger charm & Pants charm with Pink Crystals, of course I would add them to a charm bracelet. It would be like Adam and my little side joke..
Clothes Hanger Charm
Pants with Pink Crystals
I really liked this design for Christmas. It’s unique, fun, and simply adorable.
Christmas Tree with Crystals
And of course these Clovers. The Silver Clover.. & The Green crystal Clover
Clover with Green Crystal
Green Clover Charm
I am all about supporting Breast Cancer awareness, and showing my love.. I like this pink ribbon charm
Crystal Pink Ribbon Charm
I am so in love with photography. I seriously don’t know what I would do without a camera. I love capturing those special little moments to photograph and scrapbook..
Flash Camera Charm
I Love 2 Scrap Charm
And of course I couldn’t leave off the sewing machine or the green swirl
Large Sewing Machine Charm
and my spacers would be..
*The Blue and Green Lampwork
Blue and Green Lampwork Glass Bead
Aren’t they so amazing? I think I am going to start buying a new charm for myself every year, just as a treat to myself..
Disclosure: All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. I wasn’t compensated to write this review. I did agree to post an honest review in exchange for products..
I want to thank Charm Factory with the chance to work with them, and for sponsoring this on my blog..
Now for the

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