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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moo Mini- Business Cards Review and Discount.


Think Big, Share Big

About Moo: London, England is where Moo was born. But the cards are printed in Rhode Island.

Premium products need premium paper

My alt text

From the website: “As you might expect from a company that 'loves to print', we're rather fond of our paper and print finishes too. But there's a small problem. Looking at more photos of our smooth matte laminate or thick 100% recycled stock wont help you understand what it feels like in your hand. We love paper as much we love print. We never settle for second best and we don’t see why you should either. There’s no sneaky hidden charges for ‘better’ paper, because 'better paper' is MOO’s standard paper.”

You can get a sample for FREE of every single product they make. This includes shipping. No hidden fees, no broken promises. What they say is what they do. Business Cards, Mini Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards, and Stickerbooks.

I’ve had the same business cards for 2 years, and they certainly needed to be updated. After ordering the business cards we moved, and the phone number I had wasn’t available in the area I moved. So I had to go over the business cards and cross out the old number and write in my new number. How unprofessional does that seem? VERY. I hated giving them out. It seemed so wrong of me to have to hand them out and then explain why there were marks and new numbers written. I was so embarrassed half the time.

When you hand out business cards, that is the first impression that someone has of you and your business. I wasn’t making a statement that I needed to make. I wanted to seem professional, witty, and the designer I am. I didn’t want to seem slouchy and not worth the time.


When I seen an ad for Moo.com Business cards, I was all over it. They have some really awesome designs, having 12 full pages to choose from. If you don’t see something that suits your company’s design or niche, they also have the option of using your own designs. You can upload files from your computer, or you can import from Etsy, Facebook, SmugMug, Flickr, or Picasa.

Isn’t it every Business owner’s dream to see their own designs on their business cards? I know it did for me. I was totally ecstatic. I was in amazement from the very beginning.

I chose to get the MiniCards.


Half the size of a standard business card, MiniCards are great for showing off your portfolio, your products or your business. With the option of a different image on every card, upload your own artwork or choose from thousands of designs.


I loved that they come with paper covers that are bright. Because I need to update my camera, you really can’t tell what they say. They say “How very Exciting” and “Your Moo Minicards are inside” and then in each box came a little card {like a Mini Moo Business card} that said “You are our new best friend”. Great, because they are my new best friend also. There were so many designs and texts to choose from to place on the cards, that I just decided to choose theirs. I had some of my own work, but not on my computer. I decided to go with their designs and then add my information.


Sorry that this is poor quality of what they actually look like. I tried to scan them from my printer, but it was giving me fits. I don’t know exactly why, it has never done to this to me before.

I am so amazed by the type of paper that these MiniMoo Cards are printed on. They are so much stronger and durable then my last business cards. They don’t bend easily which is a plus when you have kids who think they are “cards” and sneak into them all time.

I really liked that you could create all 100 cards differently if you wish. This was astonishing because when I ordered my other business cards, obviously they all were exactly the same. I had to pay $50 for 400 cards, and they weren’t even as well made as the Moo Cards. They got beaten up, tattered, and didn’t make my standards. They weren’t double sided, they weren’t Matte Finish, and they PRINTED their logo on the back. That’s why they didn’t offer double side, because they were also trying to promote themselves while I was promoting mine.  With the Mini Moo Cards, 100 cards is only $20, but you can usually get a discount from them, and shipping is dirt cheap. They are double sided, full color, thick, and matte finished. They are also printed on recycled paper, and printed in the United States.

I ended up making 13 different colors, because I am addicted to colors, and design and I just couldn’t stop myself.  I carry all three boxes in my purse, just so I can whip them out at random intervals and be like “look at these amazing things.” I totally drove my husband crazy with it. I showed him probably 10 times in one night. Kept lining them up and was like “These are sweet” He said “I know, you have already shown me 5 times today.” I couldn’t help but to laugh. Yes, I am a nerd, but when I get something I love I share with other people, even if they don’t own a business or have no clue who I am.

You might be next. LOL You might meet me in the aisle at a store someday, so just beware.

I chose so many different colors because I leave them at consignment stores and random places, and different colors attract attention. These Mini Moo cards are even more so attractive, and call attention to themselves because they aren’t standard size business cards, are easily kept in just about anything, and don’t get stuck in the insides of my wallet. I mean everything else is getting smaller- phones, televisions, computers- I just knew this was the right way to go. People love smaller these days.

The process of design was fun, the shipping fast, and the customer service absolutely amazing. Your orders are automatically saved so that you can go back and re-order the same designs, instead of starting all over. What a time saver. This company really does have the customer in mind. You automatically receive email updates telling you when your order is being processed, when it is being sent, and it is an awesome gesture. Who doesn’t want to know where their package is? I certainly loved it.

The boxes that hold your Mini Moo Cards are very strong. Believe me, they have held up in my monstrous purse with everything under the sun in there. The only problem I have is that people want more than one card because they love the designs. I am going to be out pretty soon at that rate. But hey, I’m glad they like them as much as I do.

They make so many different things, that you could stay on their website all day just looking at the different designs and products. I was in design heaven. =)

Moo has a cost calculator, so that you aren’t counting in your brain and just praying you aren’t going over budget. They make things so simple.

I want to showcase more than just the Mini Cards, because I was so elated with my order.

. Double-sided business cards as low as $18.69.


The Postcards


Everything on their site is of awesome quality and for a great price. Now for the discount code:


Moo wants you to be able to see what they have to offer at an even cheaper rate. Just enter the discount code at checkout.

DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions in this post are strictly my own and in no way influenced. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.

What do you think of Moo and their Mini Cards? Think you’ll be getting you some in the future? What about regular business cards?

Thanks to Moo for working with me, and thanks to the readers for taking their time to read this.



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Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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