Thursday, February 2, 2012

BodyGlove.com Review

Adam and I are waiting for our taxes to come. We filed last Thursday and they told us it should come within 7-14 days. The first thing I am doing is getting a car, the second is saving money for a vacation.
Since we have had kids, we haven’t had an entire weekend to ourselves. We need this time as a couple to experience some FUN. We spend all our days working and taking care of the kids. So, needless to say, there isn’t much time for excitement on a daily basis.
I have never been to Florida, and am checking that out. I think it would be fun to spend a weekend (or 4 day weekend) without the kids in the Sunny fun of Florida. I have been looking online at all the fun things we can do.
I would really love how to waterski, surfing, or go deep sea diving. Getting into a wetsuit sounds weird to me though. BodyGlove has some pretty awesome ones. I have never even thought about wearing one before, but what the heck- Maybe wetsuits will be sexy on us!
I am also checking out the swim suits, just in case. If you're not a water athlete, you will definitely find footwear, sunglasses, Coverups, Towels, and clothing.
BodyGlove has a huge array of items that are just for fun in the sun. Around since 1953, Body Glove has been putting forth gear designed by a family who loves and understands watersports.  Bob and Bill Meistrell started the company over fifty years ago and today it's still selling premiere suits and apparel for professionals, amateurs and general beach goers.

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