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CustomT Couture Review

Customtcouture my shirt


My Review


I have TONS of clothes. More than anyone should have- I admit. I can’t help it though, I need options. =) Out of all those shirts (100’s) this will always be my favorite.

Personalized stuff is so much better than wearing a regular old Tee shirt. I mean, why NOT make it yours? I designed this entire shirt and am absolutely in LOVE with it. I may be buried in this shirt one day (hopefully in the far far future.. =)

When I visited the Custom T Couture Website, I was in AWE. There are so many different way to customize shirts, that I spend all day redesigning mine. I added this and that, and then wanted this and that, and it ended up being too much, so I had to delete some.


The first thing I chose to put on my shirt was of course my name with Adam’s. We will be together 7 years this year and never ONCE have I made a shirt. I don’t know why, just haven’t gotten around to it. Now that I have, I love it.

There are 11 different fonts to choose from. I chose the distressed font. It looked great with the look I was going for. Then I was going for the skulls, because I can’t resist. It was so awesome, because EVERYTHING is customizable. I chose the green and black look. Not only can you customize the main art, you can customize the details. Made the skull Green and the star in the middle of the head black.


The other side is a green and black butterfly. It is a tribal butterfly. Very beautiful and again, I customized the details green, with the main skull Black.


The back has my name on it, in embroidered type letters. Then I added the Skull with the Green circle layout behind it. Above the Skulls head, I added the Princess crown with Green Rhinestones.

I loved that I could view it on a model directly from the design space on the website. This help me be able to place everything exactly where I needed it to be. I wasn’t worried that I might have the letters or anything running off the sides of the shirt.

They have TONS of designs you can use to add flare and uniqueness to your shirt. They have tattoo images, pirates, bead art, rhinestones, embroidery, bead spray, and beaded text.

They let you choose shirt color and the type of shirt. So if your wanting a v-cut, regular t, or whatever- you have options. OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS are everywhere. Which is what I like best. I love that they have so many details to add, so many things to embellish, and yet it isn’t expensive at all.

You will pay more for an airbrushed shirt from the mall than you will for everything that I added to this shirt. And I added quite a bit. Text, Images, Embroidery, and Rhinestones.

They even let you upload your own designs. So if your looking for a cheap place to make shirts for your business, a band, a reunion, or a party- this is definitely the site you need to go to.

They have a price summary right at the bottom, so you know how much your shirt is going to cost. This helps when your on a budget. I know at some websites, when they have something I like and I am adding stuff to it, I get a bit frantic. I am not sure how much it is going to cost. I don’t want to go to pay for it and then have to go back and take stuff off because I don’t have enough money to cover. It’s embarrassing, and I avoid stuff like that at ALL costs.

I really like that they already have t-shirts that are designed and you just customize. This way if you are short on time and want a really awesome shirt, you can just add your name or whatever and Voilà your done! Gothic, Decorative, Bridal, Personalized and more.

Care: You hand wash these shirts in cool water inside out and lay them flat to dry. This keeps text from fading and keeps rhinestones from falling off.


Custom T Couture is the new face of an old friend: Faraj Inc. Faraj Inc. has been at the cutting edge of embellishment techniques for over three generations.

We are constantly offering fashion designers innovative new ways to embellish their garments: Traditional Bonnaz Ribbon Embroidery, Laser Cutting, Caviar Beads, Glitters (Cracked Ice), Trims, Nail Heads, Stones, Pearls and much more.

Clients include Calvin Klein, Jessica McClintock, Betsy Johnson, Anna Sui and many others. Whether you are ordering one garment or one million, our experienced designers and production staff can help you bring your vision to life, creating everything from the initial sketch to the final product right here in our New Jersey factories.

Custom T Couture is a new venture for us. We will be constantly adding to and updating our library of designs and products, so please visit us often and always let us know how we are doing, as we love hearing from you.

They accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover at this time.

Design custom t-shirts online using swarovski rhinestone and beads. Featuring high quality t-shirt printing and thousands of t-shirt design ideas. Design your own t shirts, beaded t shirts and rhinestone t shirts online.


This isn’t a sponsored review. All opinions are honest and completely  my own. I wasn’t paid to write this. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.

I want to thank Custom T Couture for being so awesome. For making it so the customers are ALWAYS satisfied. Everything I added was exactly where it was supposed to be, and the text is strong and dark.



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