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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Diane Lai Natural Skin Products Review #organic #natural

I was fortunate enough to get to work with Diane Lai products for a review.

I was sent 4 items for review. I received the Soothe All natural moisturizing cream, rejuvenate all natural daily moisturizing lotion, the body wash, and the Moist Lip Balm (unscented).

The Moisturizing Cream-


it has a clean soap smell and comes in a plastic bottle with a pump action top. It only gives as much as you need out of the pump. It doesn’t overload you with so much that you have to wipe it on a towel or washcloth.

I not only used this as a face moisturizer, but as a make-up tool. I went to get me some new foundation. I was in a hurry and chose one that is a little darker than my face. You can tell too, so I used this as help.

I would squirt some foundation on the sponge, squirt the cream on top. Rub them together, and it cut back on the color. Just enough that I needed. It was exactly the shade of my skin. I really liked it.

You can use the cream not only for adults, but for kids and babies as well. This is an organic product with no chemicals. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could use this as a soother for rashes in babies.


The Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Also comes in a plastic bottle with a pump action top. It is a larger bottle than the cream, and gives you more when you pump the lotion out. Most lotions these days have tons of dyes and fragrances that contain chemicals you would never even think twice about putting on your skin.

Now that most consumer’s are going towards organic and natural- the companies are hearing the calls. They are creating safe to use products that contain nothing but organic, natural products that not only help your skin but is good for it.

The lotion isn’t greasy, or very watery. It seems to have the substance that I need as a lotion. I am ALWAYS seen with a bottle of lotion in my purse. I hate having dry hands, it gives me goose bumps. This pump action lotion makes it easy to throw in my purse and head out the door.

I don’t have to worry about it squeezing out in the bottom of my purse, or the bottle busting. The top closes perfectly around the pump top, so it doesn’t just pop off.

It doesn’t have a fragrance, it just smells like a “clean” smell. I also used this on the bottom part of my hair as a “fly away” tamer. The organic products keep hairs in place and keeps them from frizzing up on me. Because it is lightweight, it doesn’t give my hair a weighed down look.

I loved both of these products. I thought the product was VERY high quality and was awesome because I can also use it on my kids.

The Body Wash

The Body wash is made with shea butter, lavender oil, Pomegranate extract, leaf extract, and ginseng extract. You can smell the citrus mixed with lavender when you pop the top of the easy squeeze bottle.

It is clear, which means no dyes or synthetic fragrances. It is thick (but not too thick) and silky feeling. It suds up well, making bubbles easily. It is awesome that I can use the same body wash for myself and my kids.

I usually buy a separate for them because of all the additives in mine. I also squirted a little under the water for a bubble bath for them, and it worked well. Not filling the bath with suds, but enough they could splash and play.

The Moist Lip Balm (Unscented)

It is made with fruit oil, honey, coconut oil, organic white beeswax, and olive oil.

The Lip Balm did keep my lips moist. I always have dry lips. I tend to also carry a couple chapsticks around in the pocket of my purse. I lick my lips, they dry out and crack. They end up burning, which I hate. I don’t mean to make my lips dry out, it’s just a habit I’ve had for awhile now.

I had to press down on my lips harder than normal because it is all natural products, but it did work well. It didn’t break up or fall off in the tube, so it is blended quite well. I wish it had some kind of soothing effect, like a mint blended in, but this chapstick is just for everyday use, and not for extreme chapped lips.

I love that these products have no dyes, no chemicals, no synthetics inside. I love that they are all natural, organic products that are safe to use even on the baby. It is hard to find a product that you can use on both.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and not persuaded in any way, I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.




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