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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fuller Brush Co. Premium Floor Care Review & Giveaway #Bday Bonanza

The Fuller Brush Company- Headquartered in Kansas, The Fuller Brush Company has been a part of keeping North American homes clean for generations. With our status as an American cultural niche, the Fuller Brush follows three simple rules: “Make it work. Make it last. Guarantee it no matter what".
The Fuller Brush Company knows and understands know how much a home investment can be and take pride in knowing they are providing you with ways to protect and preserve it.

The Fuller Brush Co. sent me a full-size bottle of their Original Premium Floor Care product to review. It is a 20 fl. oz. plastic flip top squeeze bottle. This floor care is safe to use on no-wax vinyl, laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, slate, and sealed wood.
It is a plastic flip-top squeeze bottle. You simply squeeze a small amount on the floor and then clean with a damp mop. I loved it. It has a nice clean smell that isn’t overpowering, but yet you can smell throughout your house. It easily comes out of the bottle, doesn’t dribble and doesn’t fly out leaving you with HUGE amounts. Comes out just right to get the amount you need.
The reason I loved this so much is because I hated bringing out the mop and bucket every time a mess needed cleaning. My kids are always spilling stuff on the floor, so mopping ALL the time was difficult when I had a huge bucket with Cleaning solution in it. This floor care doesn’t require a bucket. All you have to do is squeeze it on and mop it. Now I can mop more than once a day and it’s easy.
It worked very nicely. I didn’t have to re-mop it. There wasn’t a greasy feel to the floor afterwards. There was just plain clean floor. I love this product. And the best thing about it is, it’s cheap. It’s only 4.79 and seems like it lasts forever. I have been mopping MORE now that I have it and still have half a bottle left..
My daughter’s Birthday Party is in a couple of weeks and I KNOW I am going to need this. Cake, Ice cream, and little kids, yay! Now it will not be such a hassle trying to get all that stickiness OUT.
Win ONE for yourself.
The Fuller Brush company WANTS you to see the visible results. So..
You can also find Fuller Brush Co. on twitter: @FullerBrushCo
On facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/FullerBrushCo
and Fuller Brush Co on Google+

This will be part of My Bday Bonanza, so come back the 3rd for the giveaway

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