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Lovable Labels Review & Giveaway #BdayBonanza



I have a label fetish, I admit it. If I could manage it, everything in my house would be labeled. I think it is such a great organizing solution, while keeping kids from fighting and me from losing stuff.

Most schools today ask that everything that is brought with kids to school be labeled with their names to avoid confusion and mix-ups. Whether it be jackets, backpacks, binders, lunch boxes, or notebooks.

If we lived in the olden days, we mom’s would have the problem of hand sewing all the names into clothing.. What a hassle that would be. We already have to get the kids to school fully clothed with no mismatching sock and shoes, with a backpack on, homework done, and lunch to eat.. Who has time to hand sew labels? Not me.

And not a lot of other people do, either.. That’s why lovable labels has become to go to site for labeling.. They have press and stick clothing dots that are washer, dryer, and bleach safe that come with 12 designs and 45 icons to choose from. They have iron on labels, shoe labels, and zipper tags.


They carry safety tags that let the kid’s medical history and vitals be known to others. This is in case they become lost or have an allergic reaction. This could be vital for your child’s life, should they need attention. These let you list your phone number, the kids’ name, and doctor. 

They carry address labels, personalized books, Connect with me cards, and sweet notes to put in your kids’ lunch. These aren’t just regular labels and cards, you get a choice. They let you choose between 14 different designs, so you are getting what you want. The Connect with Me cards are a good thing to have on hand everyday. It let’s old friends, new friends, and your kids’ friends parents know how to contact you.

They also have tons of really cool labels for the home. Home office labels for your files and folders, Crafty Mom Labels, so you know where your yarn and scrapbooking supplies are, Pantry Labels, Wire labels, Spice labels, and more.


I received the Friendship pack of labels, which was awesome. I got the full pack for Aidan because he was in school. It came with 120 stickers.  30 Sticker Labels, 80 Slimline Labels, and 10 Fun Stickies.

These are off of the website, but you can see them much more clear than the pictures I took.

And my daughter Adisyn got the free pack with Aidan’s. Again the picture below is off of the website. I like for you to see the product closely. I would have scanned mine, but my printer has been on the fritz for awhile now.

I really liked these labels. They have enough stick on them to stick perfectly without peeling, yet not enough sticky that you think you may never get it off your fingertips, let alone on SOMETHING. They were just right. They went on without a hassle, and are adorable.

My kids loved the labels. Adisyn kept trying to get in them because she wanted to use them as “stickers” and “tattoo's” for her.

We got to choose from the icons below. So we got the football for Aidan and the butterfly for Adisyn. So these aren’t gender bias or age bias, you can find an icon for any age. Even if they are older, or you want to buy some for yourself, you can choose to get “no icon.”


With the Friendship pack, you can now get 40 free slimline stickers for a friend/relative when you purchase yours. You have to have their contact information on hand, and you can’t get money in exchange for the pack. It is only going on until the 28th.. SO you better get yours while you still can.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I didn’t receive compensation for writing this. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.

Spend some time getting to know Lovable Labels by visiting their web-site, facebook and follow them on twitter. & you can call them to order.. 1-866-328-LOVE (5683).

Giveaway: The Giveaway will be part of Adisyn’s  #Bday Bonanza

I want to thank Lovable Labels for sponsoring this on my blog and working with Made.By.Jess.♥




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