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Zoobies Animal + Blanket

Disclosure: This product was provided for review purposes only, all opinions are honest.

Zoobies, LLC was created by two young brothers who shared a common desire to invent something that was fun, innovative, and functional. The brothers came from a large family of nine children. They saw the need to consolidate things needed on trips, something that would make a mom’s life easier. Zoobies have been featured on The View as well as the Today Show.

My Review*
My 3 year old daughter goes Banana’s for any kind of stuffed animal. She will play with them day and night if you let her. She packs them around, covers them up, puts them to sleep. Acts like they’re crying.. the whole nine yards.
We were lucky enough to review a Blanket Pet. I chose to get Furbie the Feline because Adisyn loves Cats. It was extremely hard for me to choose though, because they had so many different animals. 

Zulu the ZebraPing the PandaLilly the Ladybug
When she seen me opening the Zoobies Pal, I thought she just might have a heart attack. I mean, how many stuffed animals come with their OWN blanket? Not many. She was in play pal heaven. She played with it until she fell asleep with it under her arm.

I was also in heaven, because the company most definitely had mom’s in mind when they were designing them. Less clutter comes with having a Zoobies Pal. A pillow, Blanket, and Pet all in one. The blanket is HUGE. I seriously didn’t think the blanket was that big. I thought it was going to be a small baby type of blanket for them to play with the animal.

I am seriously impressed with the blanket sizing. I loved how big it was. She can use it as her blanket, or put tons of her “babies” under them. It is VERY soft, made with polyester fleece. The blanket  is big enough for a toddler to crawl under and sleep with. The blanket zips off the animal and is easy to do so. It is machine washable and dryable.
Not only does this blanket provide comfort and warmth to your little one, it also provides security. They feel safe wrapped in their own blanket at night, and drift off to sleep with their blanket and pet that are as soft as the clouds they dream of.
The pets are extremely soft and huggable. They are adorable. I love how Furbie the Feline came with a collar that has the Zoobie emblem on it. Adisyn

This is a great item for birthday’s, Christmas, or just a thank you for being good. This is an essential item for taking long trips, sleep overs, or just having something awesome to play with. It is only $35, and your getting a full size blanket, and the animal that also doubles as a pillow.

The head of the animal is stuffed with microbeads, so it moves around and is squishy to the touch. You can wash the animal also. It is preferred that you spot wash it with a warm washcloth, but you can also machine wash it in a delicate bag if needed.
In addition to Blanket Pets™, Zoobies® also has a wide selection of other high quality products such as Slumber Pets™, Blankie Babies™ and Storytime Pals™.

 20% off any Zoobie product on www.zoobies.com with the coupon code "Parenthood". 

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