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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bath-a-licious Review

As a mother of 2 kids under 5, I am ALWAYS looking for a way to relax at home. I don’t get much time to be able to take a long hot bath. Usually it’s jump in the shower and HOPE to be able to shave my legs without missing a hundred spots.

But- when I DO get the time- I want to go ALL out. I want to be able to sit, soak, and relax until the water cools.

Bath Bombs

These bombs are $5, weigh 9 ounces each and come in two halves.

Romance Bath Bomb Ball

I received the Romance Bath Bomb.

Out of all the bath bombs that I have ever used, this ranks #1. Why? For a lot of reasons. Other bath bombs come in a whole bomb, and are VERY hard to break. If I want to use a bomb in pieces, I want to have  the option. With others- I tried everything from smashing it against the side of the tub to bashing it with a shampoo bottle. Nothing worked. These bath bombs come in 2 halves, just FOR that purpose. AMAZING and VERY thoughtful.

It has an amazing design. These are very beautiful, eye catching, and very colorful. I couldn’t have been more awed if I wanted to be. As soon as I seen it in it’s clear plastic wrap I was taken away, Breathtaking, astonishing, and attractive. These would be awesome to give as gifts for new moms, moms to be, graduation, anniversaries, wedding, and more. Who wouldn’t want something so amazing?

Bath Bombs are my vacation at home (away from home). My secret addiction and guilty pleasure. There are so many different choices of scents to choose from that I may actually have to buy 1 of each at some point in my life. REALLY- no joke. The romance was awesome. It’s all gone now, and I am super sad. It smelled amazing. A mixture of roses, marigolds, violets, and a touch of oakmoss. I have NEVER in my life smelled anything like this. It is a very feminine smell that lasts longer than most perfumes do.

I turned on the hot water, dropped the bomb in, and went to get a towel. When I returned the entire bathroom smelled so pretty, floral, and relaxing. I have never used a bomb so fragrant, although not overpowering. The bomb made my water seem so silky and frothy. I noticed that my skin felt just as silky when I got out.

Later on that night I was picking up toys, and when I leaned over- I could smell the bomb all over me. I was up late blogging and could STILL smell it at 2 that morning.

Other Bombs I really want to try:

Sore Muscles Therapy: Sore Muscles Therapy Bath Bomb Ball Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Peppermint: Peppermint Bath Bomb Ball Tickle Me Pink: Tickle Me Pink Bath Bomb Ball


Plumeria Sugar Scrub Cubes

Plumeria Sugar Scrub Cubes

These sugar scrubs come with 12 cubes wrapped in cellophane and closed with a silver tinted bread tie. These are so beautifully colored as well. So many different colors (yellow, purple, and pink). They smell just like fresh cut summer flowers.

These cubes are made with sugar to exfoliate those extra dry or oily places and spaces. I used them on my knees, elbows, feet, face, and even on my upper back. You can actually feel them digging past the first layer of skin to rid the skin of hidden roughness and dirt.

Exfoliation has been used in so many different ways for many years to maintain the natural beauty of skin. It removes the oldest layer of skin to brighten skin and remove dirt. New skin cells are built in the bottom layers of skin, and unclogs pores. This is essential for your body as well as face, and should be done AFTER you have cleaned it. Exfoliating should only be done maybe 2-3 days a week, because over exfoliating will dry out your skin.

Out of all the exfoliating products on the market, I have never actually used sugar cubes before. They are astounding because they are small enough to fit in your palm and REALLY get to the bare bottom of those pores and rough skin.

You can FEEL the sugar in it, and the results of it within one use. ONE use, not many. Not a week or a month. You can use this after shaving to keep your legs and underarms smooth as a babies skin longer than usual. Wonderful product, and also another great product to gift to those you love (or yourself).

Fruit Punch Soapsicle

Cotton Candy Soapsicle

The soapsicle shown isn’t the one I received. She doesn’t have anymore of the Fruit Punch in Stock. It looks like the one above, but it’s just a plain clear glycerin red color instead of the pink and blue. The one shown above is the cotton candy soapsicle.

The Fruit Punch Soapsicle smells just like Fruit Punch!! YUM. It bubbles up very well, which my kids loved. They thought it was funny that a popsicle was creating bubbles. (They are only 3 and 5).. I love that they create something for every member of the family whether man, woman, or child.

These soapsicles weren’t only fun to my kids, but they LOVED them. They had fun spinning the soapsicle in their hands for more bubbles and cleaning themselves. Better yet- they smelled just like Fruit punch.. lol

I love that they are so creative in the way everything is designed. So many choices in everything from soaps to bombs.

Soap Bar

The soap bar that I received is also not on the for sale listings anymore. It is a sweet smelling, multi layered, multi colored soap. It smells like a spicy chai tea or something. Very relaxing yet uplifting. I didn’t use this as a bath soap, instead I put it on my bathroom counter as a hand soap because it looked so decorative.

I really like it there, and the ribs on the soap massage your hands. This is awesome because after typing all day or writing, or whatever my hands tend to get stiff. I can wash my hands (flipping the soap over and over in the palm of my hands) and the ribs just make the tension melt away. ..




About Bath-a-licious:

Bath Bombs Etc. (Bath-A-Licious) was founded in September of 2010 and is a (military)-family owned and operated business. Based in the Deep South where the fragrant scents of flowers are strong and the southern breezes and southern hospitality abound, we have created a line of bath bombs/bath fizzies and Fizzy Bath Salts which bring these fragrances to you for an experience in your bath/shower that is not only relaxing and moisturizing but is also pleasant to your senses.

Not being an overpowering aroma, but enough to settle you into comfort, we offer an extensive line of fragrances/scents which will appeal to you for your “me time.” If you’re looking for a relaxing, aromatic bath experience, Bath-a-Licious is the way to go.

Our bath bombs and shower steamers are molded and produced individually for that “special touch” of relaxation. Whether you are that “I need a SHOWER NOW” type of person or the “I can’t wait to slip into a HOT TUB OF WATER” person, we have a perfect scent for your maximum relaxation.
It's not just a bath, it's aromatherapy and a moisture rich, skin softening, muscle relaxing heavenly experience! Simply drop Bath Fizzie in bath water and watch it fizz! It's like a Alka-Seltzer fizzing in your tub! Just sit back & relax!

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored review, all opinions are 100% mine. I wasn’t compensated for this review. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.





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