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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lady Soma Hand & Nail Treatment Review

The Skin & Nail Treatment is a deep moisturizer that repairs dry and cracked skin. Specifically formulated for skin and nails, it promotes a soft supple cuticle, while repairing existing damage. Enhances nails for a shiny appearance and healthy looking cuticles. Treatment may also be used on hands and body to heal dry skin.

I have always had trouble with my cuticles splitting. I don’t know why, but they get really painful. I also tend to get those little painful hang nails on the very side of the nails. The ones you can’t rip off and bug me to death. Since I have been using this I haven’t had one split cuticle or hang nail!!

We all know that Cocoa Butter is beneficial to skin. We have seen it in tons of lotions and body washes. But have you ever seen it in a hand cream? I haven’t. I was SO impressed with this. It smells VERY sweet. You can smell the cocoa butter but it doesn’t have a distinct cocoa butter smell. It just smells like a natural sweetness.

I also tend to get dry hands. I know you have heard me say this over and over- because I HATE it. I actually get shivers when I touch something with dry hands. I always pack lotion or body butter EVERYWHERE. When I crochet- the yarn dries my hands completely and I need something to keep it hydrated, and this fit the bill. I loved it because it wasn’t greasy like most lotions and it wasn’t too much like body butters.

It is exactly the right consistency. It isn’t runny and isn’t too thick. I don’t find myself putting it on over and over. One handful can keep me good for hours, which is GREAT for me. I don’t want something I have to keep reapplying all the time.

I don’t usually apply nail polish to my fingernails because it makes my nails look depleted and unhealthy (after taking it off), so I avoided it at all costs. I decided to see if this would help me out with this little problem. Low and behold- it DID. I can now wear polish and take it off and not have to worry about my nails looking anything less than beautiful.

All in all my nails were WAY better looking, healthier, stronger, and seem to grow without breaking as much. My cuticles never split and hurt, and my skin lost the red tint beneath the nails.

You can wash your hands and still smell it. I usually have to reapply after washing dishes because my hands tend to dry from the dishwashing liquid. NO MORE Lady Soma says. They want you healthy and beautiful at all times and they have proven this to me in SO MANY WAYS. I love all the products I have tried.. They all PROVE that you can be beautifully naturally. Who needs or WANTS chemicals? Not me.

You can buy this for only $15 at the Lady Soma website.



 Lady Soma:

Lady Soma reviews

Lady Soma never uses theses ingredients:



Propylene Glycol

Mineral oils


Synthetic fragrance



They ALWAYS use all natural ingredients in their products to help promote healthiness of the skin and body!!

Click below to learn a little more about the ingredients they DO use:

Connect with Lady Soma:




Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored review, all opinions are 100% my own. I wasn’t compensated for this post. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.




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