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Friday, March 9, 2012

Naked Binder Review & Giveaway


My Review:


Learning is something that I love to do. There is no limit to what I want to learn. Science, History, Blog Design, Writing help.. You name it- I have a binder with the name on it. I have SO many binders that I actually broke one of my bookshelf last week. It just collapsed from all the weight.

When you have a learning fetish, you have to keep all that information separate. What’s the point of printing something off and trying to read it and make notes if you have random stuff in each binder? You WILL lose where it is and exactly what binder it’s in. I have had these issues before.

So I am always on the look out for binders, paper, tabs, and folders. I try to be smart and not just buy the cheapest ones out there. Because basically they are made of nothing but chemicals and plastic. I have to keep my home office organized as well as my homeschool plans.

I have to make sure that I label them all- and buy page separators, and most of the time folders to go in the binder- to hold my notes.  Most binders that are made of plastic end up tearing up though. Their fronts tear off after a couple of years, they get beat up and bend.

I ended up going to walmart last month for new binders. The small binders (1’) are $3-4 dollars, are made of plastic, and do NOT last very long. I would rather pay a little extra for something that will last, then buy a binder that is going to be a waste of money in the end.

The Naked Binders are the exact opposite. I got to review the classic binder, the notebook binder, and the page tabs.

The Classic binder is very well made. It has a design that is appealing, yet strength to hold your work for as long as you need it to without falling to pieces. This very sturdy binder is made of binder board covered in grained FSC certified black paper. The binder is smooth, sleek, and designed to be there for you when you need it. It has a line debossing on the top of the binder (front) so that you could easily label it without getting the label sideways.

The hinge in this binder is guaranteed.. they tested it on 250,000 flexes, and it was still going strong as ever. I hate when a binder ends up with no cover, and you have to waste money. The Naked Binders are 100% recyclable, so if they do tear up down the road, they won’t end up in a landfill somewhere.

I wanted to start designing blogs this year, and needed a binder that’s going to withstand all the pressure it will receive. I will have to flip back and forth from each section quite a bit when referring to a certain subject. I don’t want to have it collapse on me and have to buy another within a year.

I love that these binders are extremely customizable. You can write on them with markers, put labels on them, or design them any way you want.

Notebook Binder-

I had been looking for something small like this for awhile. There just really aren’t that many good quality ones out there. This one is awesome. I needed something to use for my business contacts. Other binders are too large, and address books usually do not have places to list social networking sites. A blogger needs to have this on hand, and now I can. It is durable enough not to be beaten up by the other 147 things in my purse. The binder and the tabs are $11. Pretty good value for something that isn’t going to just disassemble inside a backpack or purse.

Naked Tabs-

Acid free tabs to help you divide the contents inside your binder. It comes with 5 tabs and a cover sheet. They come in 3 different styles:Eames, Naked, and Conservation Printable and are completely recyclable.

Tabs that are plastic are hard to label. The tabs that have inserts- those little pieces of paper are hard for me to write on. They always have been. I wasn’t even using most of the labels that came with them. I would buy the little post it notes and write on them.

Now I don’t have to- these tabs are labeled with roman numerals. They are easy to label, and easy to grip and flip. I don’t have time for snagged or stuck together tabs. I need to be able to see where I want to be and easily navigate my way there. Again, they’ve hit the spot with these. I love this company because they satisfy the customer, but are sensitive to the environment.




Naked Binder is a green choice for school or office supplies. The binders are made from 100% recycled board (97% post-consumer waste) and are 100% recyclable. They do not contain vinyl, phthalates, or acid. These binders are guaranteed to last 10 years, and are eco-friendly. Not only can you reduce carbon footprints by buying Naked Binder products, but you aren’t being exposed to the chemicals that are ingredients in the common binder.

“We believe the products you use should be better designed to last, inspire and do better in the world and the workplace. We designed our products to be safer and healthier to make, use and dispose of.”

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and not influenced in any way. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review..


The Giveaway:

The Giveaway will go live the 13th for my Bday Bash..
Watch out for it.♥




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