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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kavatee Neckalina Review

I have to say that I have never seen or even heard of a Neckalina until KaVatee. I love accessorizing my wardrobe to give me that chic and sophisticated look. This is absolutely what every woman should have!

When my kids were babies, all I could be seen in were jeans and t-shirts. There was no point in dressing up just to be thrown up on or have them smear something on my clothes.
Now that they are older and no longer have these issues (we hope! LOL) I am taking FULL advantage of looking as pretty and as classy as I can. This year I went and bought some new clothes, boots, and some new purses! YAY me. Just what I needed to start my year off right.
But I was totally missing something, and I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. Now that I have a Neckalina, I’ve figured out what that something is. There is nothing like making an outfit pop like neckwear. Plain jewelry or a scarf by itself, yes- but a Neckalina- NOW that’s really making a statement.
The Caroline Neckalina
I received the Caroline Neckalina, which has such a elegant look with a frisky, flirty flare. This glamour girl inspired necklace features antique gold and pretty pink beads.
I absolutely DID feel like a glamour girl! This made me walk with a pep in my step all day because it is swanky, fashionable, and yet superior all in one. I am SO glad I found this! See me looking all spiffy there?
I know I will be using this TONS now. Especially since it’s almost time for flirty, kittenish dresses and this is the PERFECT thing to add some flair to a simple summer dress.
This is something that can make ANY ordinary outfit look amazing. In the picture, I am wearing a  grey polo Vanity shirt and some ripped Aeropostale pants. After adding the Neckalina, I couldn’t stop feeling like a million bucks.
Created by designers Katie Conely and Valerie Eidson, KaVaTee delivers unique and easy-to-wear accessories for women. You can wear the necklace and scarf together (as pictured) or you can take the necklace off and wear them separate! Chunky Jewelry is AWESOME!
From KaVaTee: “Our Daily Fashion Philosphy:
“Find a flattering silhouette for your figure.  Keep it clean and classic, and add something to make a statement! (A pop of color, a bold texture, a fantastic pattern, or a WOW Accessory).”

Can’t you tell a difference in yourself when you have on makeup, your hair looks halfway decent, and you have on something that isn’t sweatpants?..lol. I know I can. When I have on sweatpants and my hairs a mess, I am DEFINITELY not going to be feeling up to doing much. Now inset- KaVatee. I’ve never had an accessory do as much for me then this.
It came straight out of the bag SMELLING like class- NO JOKE! I don’t know if they spray purfume on it, or if it’s something they make the Neckalina with, but it smelled amazing.
As you can tell it looks like an infinity scarf in a way, but they spice it up and put a chunky necklace on it. I am absolutely in love with this! (My mom has already tried to steal this from my closet, so I will probably let her borrow it also!) My mom is also a fashion nerd! She has more shoes than there are days are in a year.!
The best part about this is that it has a button connecting it together. I have done my hair and been able to unbutton it and put it on without messing up my hair OR makeup!

The best part about it is they have so many colors to choose from, and they give them such cute little names. I WILL collect all of these (and probably a couple extra for my mom!)
The Audrey Neckalina
The Audrey is our exquisite, turquoise Neckalina with a bold beaded necklace. This vintage inspired necklace features antique gold, and stunning turquoise beads.
The Brendi Neckalina
The Brendi is an edgy, gunmetal gray Neckalina with a rocker vibe.  The necklace is made of layered, metal chains of all sizes.  ROCK ON!
The Kelsey Neckalina
The Kelsey is our fierce, Black Neckalina.  The dainty chains with scattered black beads layer to make a powerful statement.
and you can find many more on the website to fit whatever style your going for.!

About KaVatee
KaVatee, pronounced (Kah-Vaa-Tee)
What does “KaVatee” mean? The “Ka” is for Katie Conley, the “Va“ is for Valerie Eidson, and the “tee” represents our LOVE of tee shirt feeling fabrics.  We met at Parsons School of Design in NYC.  We have several years of experience in the fashion industry from couture houses and corporate brands, to private labels and celebrity styling.  After soaking up everything we could while working for others, we decided to pursue our KaVatee dream!  We are learning everyday as we bring our vision to life. 
KaVatee's mission is to design and provide unique and versatile accessories that make it easy for today's woman to look and feel fabulous.
Today's woman is so multi-faceted.  Her life is very full and filled with a lot of demands on her time.  The Neckalina makes her life easier because this one accessory can take her through her entire day.  She can wear the scarf to her morning yoga class, switch to the necklace for her business lunch, and combine the two for her hot dinner date.  She can de-clutter her closet and have one accessory for all of her needs. 
Disclosure: I was sent products for review purposes only, I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% my own and completely honest!

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