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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SmartBones Dog Treats Review and Giveaway


SmartBones® is the next generation dog chew that has all the benefits of a rawhide chew – without the rawhide.

Some dogs have naturally sensitive stomachs (such as humans do) and they can’t digest certain things. If you give your dog Rawhide treats, you may want to rethink this. It may end up giving them diarrhea because they can’t digest it properly. Or- they may end up choking on them, with the treats becoming lodged inside the dog’s esophagus.
Giving Rawhide treats to dogs could come with some pretty serious risks. “Rawhide chews can contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals. And, as with other pet (or human) foods, Salmonella or E. coli contamination are possible. Even humans can be at risk when coming into contact with these bacteria on rawhide treats.” (http://pets.webmd.com)
I was thankful when I learned of Smartbones. These bones are the safer way to give your dog treats and help them do the chewing they desperately need. Chewing is the alternative to brushing a dog’s teeth. They need to chew not only because they LIKE to, but because it helps promote dental health!
SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew, Large, 3-Pack
I was sent 1 bag containing 3 large bones for our dog Cheyenne to review. We received the large peanut butter Smartbones. When I asked to give these a try, they asked me what breed of dog I had, and what size she was. They have different bones sizes for dogs that are smaller compared to a larger dog..
Cheyenne is a Blonde Malamute and she is 4 years old. She is kept at my moms house because I moved into an apartment building 3 years ago and couldn’t bring her. So we gave her to mom, and go play with her when possible (when mom’s not working).
She is such a beautiful dog. SO loyal, trusting, and playful with the kids. They can run up to her (even when she’s eating) and never once I hear growls, snaps, or barking. I don’t usually let the kid’s go around her when she’s eating, because no matter how loyal a dog can be, they need their eating space just like humans.
As soon as the first SmartBone came out of the package, her nose was in the air!! “What is that?” and as soon as she received it—she immediately went and found her a spot to lay down and chewed her heart out.
Her vet told my mom not to give her anything super hard. Even though big dogs may seem like they can handle the roughness, it MAY eventually lead to their teeth being broken or falling out. I was super glad when I learned that these were flexible. They weren’t so flexible that I could bend it, but they weren’t like touching a concrete brick either. They seemed to be perfect for her. They fit inside her mouth perfectly!
She seemed to not be able to get enough of it. As soon as the first bone was gone, she was looking at me for more. I HAD to tell her “No, Chey!” but those sad puppy eyes always melt my heart. It isn’t good to give them more than one treat a day though, so even if they beg and beg—only give them one a day.!
These Smartbones Treats are fortified with vitamins and minerals and are 99.2% digestible. Made from real dried chicken breast, SmartBones are a healthier alternative for your dog. They come in three different flavors; peanut butter, dental, and chicken. They also come in 4 different sizes based on your dogs weight.
I am happy to report that Cheyenne LOVED the bones. There was no choking problems as with regular rawhide treats. These didn’t upset her stomach and give her problems. They seemed to help her relax also. She is an outside dog (she sheds like crazy) and she is always walking around.. I rarely see her laying around and catching some sun. When she was chewing these bones, she seemed so relaxed, calm, and to just be enjoying the time spent with this yummy treat.!
They aren’t messy. As soon as she chewed them up, she ate them. They didn’t fall to pieces and have her scrounging the yard for the pieces that fell off. I will say that we will definitely be buying these for her regularly. She loved them, and I loved that she has an active healthy (and yummy) way to clean her teeth.
Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored Post. Products were sent to me for review purposes only, opinions expressed are 100% honest.
Buy It: SmartBones are available directly from their web site.  Be sure to visit SmartBones on Facebook for more information.
Win It: SmartBones is giving 2 lucky Made.By.Jess reader 2 bags of SmartBones dog chews. Giveaway is open to US only. Please use the form below to enter. Good Luck!
Good Luck!!

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