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Saturday, April 14, 2012

TFX NonStick Baking and Cooking Sheet Review

I got the chance to review the TFX Nonstick Sheet from Engstrom Trading. This is an AMAZING way to lose those calories from butter and oil. You can bake with this, as well as use it on the stove.

This is an AWESOME way to cook oil free. Everything I tested on this never stuck ONCE. I was amazed. It is reusable, so it can be used in tons of different ways. You can cook with it, wash it, then turn around and bake come delicious cookies after supper. Winking smile 

It can replace so many things that are in your kitchen- aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, butter, grease, oil, cooking sprays… It not only helps keep the earth clean, while helping keep your diet free from oils, butter, and grease. This is by far the best thing I could think of to rid fatty products from your diet.

Have you actually thought about how much plastic wrap, foil, and parchment paper goes into your garbage? Quite a bit, huh? The same said this way also. I wanted to go greener in the kitchen, but wasn’t quite sure how to rid of all the disposing of these necessities (or so I thought were necessities). The TFX Nonstick Sheet has SHOWN me how to do this.!

TFX Non-Stick is a reusable non-stick sheet that replaces parchment paper and wax paper for baking. It’s easy to use. All you have to do is line your baking sheet with the sheet, place your unbaked goods on top and bake away. You then then pull cakes, cookies, and so many other delicious baked goodies off the pan without all the mess. Did I just say that? UM—YES! You can now have some yumminess without having to scrub the pan after.. Dream for me!!

The best thing about this is that you can cut the sheet to fit your needs. Whether your pan is big or small, circle or rectangle.. NEVER scrub another pan in your life. These sheets can be used 1000+ times and ARE dishwasher safe, so you can just throw them in with the pans, kick your feet up, and enjoy that delicious cookie (or cookies) I won’t tell ! =)

It eliminates the need for oil, butter and non-stick spray for cooking. I have used this on many items that I recently used oil on. My kids love eggs, but I hated frying them in butter or oil in the morning for their fried eggs. I now have a sheet piece the size of my frying pan, that I can just crack the egg on the sheet and WA-LAH—no bad cholesterol for the kiddo’s for breakfast.

TFX® Non-Stick Sheet is made from “glass fiber coated with 4 layers of PTFE which prevents anything including bacteria from sticking to the sheet.”I love THIS! Not worrying about bacteria sticking to this, the fact that I can wash it and reuse it MANY MANY times, AND it’s only $10.. YES, please.!

I love that I can just put this in the oven, lay a pizza on top and not have to worry about the pizza sliding in between the rack pieces and falling on the bottom of the oven. I have also used this to bake chicken strips, fries, corndogs, and MORE. Everything seemed so fresh, so yummy! Crisp and I didn’t even have to use non-stick spray.

You can even place this on the bottom of your oven to catch all those nasty spills. No MORE messy oven bottoms, clean up is so amazing. Just take the sheet out, shake the crumbs in the trash (or wipe them in with a damp washcloth-depending on the crumbs).

Clean up is so easy, that it makes cooking and baking so much easier. Who WANTS to wash more dishes than they have to? Not me- if I can avoid it. This is such an amazing product, and I will definitely buy MORE when I need to- But I’m not even any where close to the limit, so I’m good for now.

Thank you Engstrom!! You are AMAZING. You have given me MORE time with my family because there is less clean up, meals are healthier, and we bake WAY more. Who wouldn’t when you don’t have to scrub the pans? LOL. We have had a ball reviewing this =)

The TFX Non-Stick Product Line makes your cooking and baking a breeze with minimum cleanup on a non-stick surface. It promotes healthy cooking and baking by eliminating the need for oil, butter and non-stick sprays. You can reuse your TFX Non-Stick products over +1,000 times, minimizing landfill waste.

TFX Non-Stick Sheet (Click to Purchase)

  • Replaces parchment paper and wax paper for your baking needs
  • Use in skillet to eliminate the need for non-stick spray, butter and oils
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable +1,000 times
  • Cut with scissors to fit your needs

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% mine, and not influenced in any way. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.



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