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Unjunk Your Junk Food Book Review

This year I made a vow to eat healthier, exercise, and be greener. I thought I was doing pretty good with every single vow I made. Until I received Unjunk Your Junk Food- Healthier Alternatives to Conventional Snacks that is. Now to make us a healthier family, I needed the help of Randy Boyer ,Andrea Donsky, and Lisa Tsakos - NaturallySavvy.com!

After reading this book, I am appalled. Statistics are VERY against us, saying that 1/3 of our diets are made up of junk food. This is a HUGE problem. Obesity, Diabetes 2, and digestive problem rates have skyrocketed.

This book isn’t saying that you have to give up eating snacks. It’s just telling us that there are better choices for us then what we may be choosing. The trick to feeling better, eating healthier, and avoiding obesity is eating foods that have less additives and chemicals, and are less processed.

This book is amazing. It helps in TONS of ways. It shows how to properly read an ingredients list and how to pick out the hidden sources of sugars, AND looking at the sugars they DO show. It breaks down the meaning of label terms such as trans-fat, enriched, fortified, etc.

Eating a well balanced diet is very important. I didn’t see how eating sweets would throw us off, but now I understand FULLY. Carbohydrates (Carbs) which we NEED, although many diet and weight loss programs tell us different, help us as long as we are eating the right KIND of carbs and not overdoing it.

If you eat too many sugary carbs it ends up resulting in high blood sugar. High blood sugar overproduces insulin, which helps to lower blood sugar. When this happens we end up craving sugary foods to bring blood sugar back to normal and it will eventually lead to gaining a ton of weight and resistance of your body’s natural insulin.

This book isn’t one of those boring books that put you to sleep within the first chapter. This books brings all these nutritional facts to life and make ME want to learn how to make myself and my family healthier. How can we do this on our own if we don’t understand the way all this stuff works throughout our bodies?

How did you learn how to read? You didn’t just start out reading sentences. You had to start with the alphabet, right? This is the same thing. We can’t learn to eat right, if we don’t know how to properly find hidden fats, sugars, and how and why all these things are bad.

I praise this book to the HIGHEST. I think that if more people read this, we could definitely become a healthier America. Each chapter talks about different types of junk food, and what’s in that junk food. The best part is, they explain WHY you might be craving these junk foods.

The best part of the book is that it helps you CHOOSE the right choices. The first chapter is salty foods, so it breaks down the different salty foods and gives you the BAD and the GOOD of each choice. For instance, low-fat/light potato chips features “Lays Light” and “Brother’s All Natural Potato Crisps”. The winner is NOT Lays. Lays Light has an ingredient called Olestra which can’t be absorbed by the body.

I love how it breaks down and gives choices rather than canceling out snacks all together. The bad choice is on the left, the good choice is on the left. It then gives you an explanation as to why the one on the right is a better choice.


Adam is a HUGE Doritos fan. Everytime we go to the grocery store, he always puts in 2 bags. Nacho and Ranch. I wasn’t astonished to see it on the bad list because it had SO many ingredients they couldn’t even fit them all on the page without having to shrink them. Most of the ingredients in Doritos are actually ingredients you should avoid. AND Adam eats these like they are going out of style.


Although there were a few things in my cabinets that do not need to be there, I found items that can be kept. Our Smore’s Poptarts are Cholesterol Free, A good source of vitamins, minerals, and calcium.

The most important thing is- that this book teaches you what to look for, so you can go through and choose which items you should be tossing and which ones you should buy. It’s not a very huge book, so it wouldn’t be hard to toss it in your purse and bring with you on your next grocery shopping trip, which is what I plan to do!


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