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Friday, May 25, 2012

Buddy Fruits Review & Giveaway

Buddy Fruits offers healthy fruit snacks and makes eating healthy easy! The Buddy Fruit mission is to provide healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods, they offer Pure Blended Fruit pouches and Pure Fruit Bites.
Pure Blended Fruit
The Blended Fruit comes in 5 flavors:
Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Mango, and Multifruit.
Pure Fruit Bites
The Fruit Bites are offered in 4 flavors:
Orange, Pomegranate, Apple, and Raspberry
Each individual pouch of Fruit Bites contain a full serving of fruit, and has a ziplock type top so that if your child doesn’t eat it all in one sitting, the freshness can be locked in until the next time they DO want it, what mom could disagree with that?
These fruit bites aren’t just for toddlers, this would be an awesome way to get your school age kid to eat healthier at school also. Pack it in their lunch and they are guaranteed to get their full serving of fruit, and only contain 95 calories! That is awesome.! I’m not a huge fan of gummies, I can’t stomach any kind of them (because of the texture) so I didn’t try these, but the kids loved them and they did smell delicious.
The pouches are awesome. Not only did my kids love them, but we could take them anywhere. They are great for on the go. Aidan had a doctor appointment last week to get his wart’s froze and I tossed a couple of these in a backpack in case we had a long wait.
Each blended fruit pouch also contains a full serving of fruit and has a screw on lid, so it can be put back on if they don’t finish it as well. I tasted each one as I was giving it to my kids and they taste amazing. They are just like a smoothie—and they are made with real fruit.
       The great features of the Buddy Fruits Pure Blended Fruit include:
  • they only contain a blend of the flesh of the fruit
  • there are no seeds or peel, so the texture is very smooth.!
  • They taste JUST like a regular smoothie, although smoother and tastier.!
    • Only 60 calories!
    • Nothing but fruit!
    • No dairy or gluten (not a problem for us, but many kids have allergies to these ingredients.
    • Nothing artificial about these pouches, made with real fruit
    • Pouch is re-sealable.
They are healthy and nourishing, but my kids also thought they were fun and cool. More stores need to sell these, I had never heard of these before now. I wish I had known about these when my kids were small, these would have been awesome snacks.
These products would be awesome to buy in bulk. They store greatly (no refrigeration needed). This is an awesome way to get kids away from all the junk and to get them eating healthier.
Obesity rates in America have seriously increased, and the best actions to take are small steps that naturally lead into bigger steps. Giving kids natural choices is so much better than just throwing chips or something with high fructose corn syrup in it.
These could change the way even smaller kids eat. Starting out with healthier choices at a young age is the way to go, and I commend Buddy Fruits for making these so fun, delicious, and yet nutritious at the same time.

About Buddy Fruits:

A family project, a common dream... We love life , we love fruits and we love the USA!!!

Let me tell you the true story of my little french family.

During the summer of 2006, my wife and I rented a big camper to travel along the mythical Route 66 with our little child "Timéo". This was the accomplishment of a dream we always had and the journey proved to be fabulous and rich of new experiences. It was also the occasion for us to meet great people, discovers habits and traditions and spot all those little differences that make the American culture so unique.

And obviously, being a full time Chef and restaurant owner in France, I was also particularly curious and interested by the food and eating habits people have in the USA. Among the differences I observed I was quite surprised by the difficulty to find fruits and fruit pouches...

You have to know that in France, beside the cooking tradition and the wide variety of meals we prepare, we are used to eating loads of fruits and vegetables. Our kids do too. One of the best ways to eat fruits, especially when you are travelling, is through fruit pouches, a best-selling concept in France with a high demand from kids and parents.

Well, during this trip, despite looking actively for such pouches for "Timéo" (he's such a big fan!), we reached the conclusion that they didn't exist in America... And for this reason, we started thinking of the idea of bringing this fabulous concept into the USA.

We returned to France and decided to plan another trip to the USA with samples of pouches in our bags, and with the goal of introducing this concept to our American friends. The trip finally took place during the summer of 2007. We organized an informal garden party with friends we have in Miami, friends of our friends, family, relatives. The objective was to get their feed-back on our revolutionary idea. We wanted to know whether this idea was worth leaving France, our jobs and comfort to start a new adventure in America. Was it worth leaving it all behind to launch and promote this new way of eating fruits?.

At the end of the garden party, the general feeling was very positive and everyone seemed convinced by the 'squeezable fruit pouch' concept. All of the testers backed-up the idea and it was a collective "YES". One of them even said : "Ouh...làlà! c'est bon!!!" … quote we loved and decided to keep to name our company: "Ouh...làlà! c'est bon!!! LLC".

And then, everything went quite quickly : I gave up my restaurant and my wife quit her job as a banker. We packed-up our things, jumped in an airplane and here we are !

Yes, here we are because we believe that healthy food is essential for a good and balanced life. We have found the best fruit producers and mixed traditional and innovative recipes, to create our pure blended fruit pouches based on my experience as a chef. You can be sure that our wholesome pouches will always deliver 100% natural and delicious fruits. It's our promise. It's our commitment.
To learn even more about the Buddy Fruits line of products, check out their website! You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!
You can buy Buddy Fruits at a variety of your local grocery stores. Or you can order on Amazon!
Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent to me for review purposes only. All opinions are my own, and completely honest.


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