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Silicone Body Review & Giveaway

Being a mother of 2 kids, I can say that I haven’t had many issues that most women do when having kids. I didn’t gain a ton of weight and I didn’t get stretch marks, but I didn’t GAIN any post-baby weight, which is what I was hoping for.
I have always been petite, everything I’ve done to try and change this has never helped. I have tried to put on weight MANY MANY ways. Drinking a million peanut butter shakes, drinking breakfast drinks high in protein more than once a day. Still, I have only gained about 5 pounds, because I have extremely high metabolism.
I know that most people want to lose weight, but I have always been one to want to gain it. Now there are booty enhancers out there to help.
With a variety of items available from padded panties, waist cinchers, hip pads, and breast enhancers, you can create the body illusion you desire without spending a fortune or going under the knife. Best of all, you will gain more self esteem and confidence thanks to these simple yet important undergarments.
Silicone Body even offers Padded Underwear for Men, because guys like to look and feel great too! Custom designed to enhance curves at the right places, their men's padded briefs have been featured in San Francisco Chronicle, Maxim, and Men's Fitness.  When Mother Nature did not give you enough, treat yourself with a Package Booster, a cotton brief with removable butt and bulge pads.
The Silicone Body motto “Everyone will notice, but no one will know” is absolutely true. I received a pair of the silicone breast enhancers and 3 pair of the padded panties. 2 pair are padded with padding and the other pair is padded with silicone.
It is so miraculous what body enhancers can do to help your self confidence and how much it makes me feel womanly. I guess the reason I have wanted to gain weight all these years is because I was missing the womanly curves. Most people think I’m 16 or 17, not 23.
Now $35.98 (reg. $54.50)
These realistic breast forms, made of 100% high grade silicone, are anatomically shaped to mimic closely real breast.  In addition, they have natural looking silicone nipple and concave back for maximum comfort.
Widely used by mastectomy patients, or to add cleavage where none is present.  Forms come in a set of two. Due to hygiene reasons, silicone breast forms are can not be returned or exchanged.
This silicone breast forms have done me wonders. At first I felt funny wearing them- I thought people who knew me were going to notice and think I was weird for wanting a body that wasn’t mine. They did notice the enhance, but they didn’t look down on me, they wanted some for themselves.
That’s why I continue to teach my children that you shouldn’t judge people. All my life people have told me that I have the perfect body, but I feel tomboyish and I have always thought curvaceous women were more beautiful and look so much beautiful than petite, small women, So no matter what someone looks like, they STILL may have some self-image issues.
Now I can feel like the woman I am—Here are the pictures of before and after wearing the silicone breast enhancers.  (Side View)
2012-03-31 10.29.102012-03-31 10.29.52
(Front View)
2012-03-31 10.30.242012-03-31 10.30.11
See how more full I look? This definitely gives me a more pronounced look and 2 full cup sizes. Not only that, but because they are silicone they look and FEEL real. They move just like real boobs would. They aren’t stiff like padded bras.
The panties are amazing as well. When you get older you lose the cellulite that keeps your butt firm and nice. Although I haven’t reached that stage yet, I don’t want to DO nothing and it just bounce on me, and I look like I have a flat, wrinkly butt.
I could never afford implants and not sure I would take that road even if I could afford it. I’m not sold on surgery to keep me looking full and like a real curvy woman and not a teenager. I would rather just put the enhancers in and be done with it. They are the same thing, except you aren’t paying thousands of dollars for something that could be harmful and may bust at any moment.
These butt enhancing panties are AWESOME. I do encourage you to wear your regular panties under the silicone panties because in the heat the silicone was sticking to my butt. But since I started wearing panties underneath, I haven’t had any problems with the heat.
Their padded underwear, butt enhancers, butt bras, and lifters are carefully designed to fit any body type and structure. They were featured on Tyra's show "Fix it or Flaunt it"!
This is a picture of me wearing the Silicone Pop Up Booty Enhancer
2012-03-31 10.33.342012-03-31 10.31.22
See how more firm and round my butt looks?
I love it.!! I feel amazing and more confident and LOOK amazing as well. The fabric is breathable, and not smothering.  Now we carry over 70 styles with over 300 combinations to choose from, this is AMAZING!
I also received Padded Panties BOOTYFULL &

I love that Silicone Body has so many different choices to choose from and they aren’t expensive AT ALL. The choices are affordable and make you feel like a million bucks!!
My clothes fit better and I feel better. Be sure to visit their website for the best savings! And don’t forget to follow Silicone Body on Facebook & on Twitter.

WIN IT: One lucky Made.By.Jess reader will win one Padded Bootyfull Panty
Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.
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