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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All the Ingredients to a Functional and Fun-Filled Craft Room!

 Having a craft room is one thing, but having a functional craft room where you can create and get things done is something else to consider. There are many factors that are a part of developing a space that you will love and that’s organized too. From finding a sturdy table to revamping a space that will look lovely too, it’s possible to structure a craft room and make it exactly how you want it.

Sturdy Work Table – If you don’t already have a sturdy work table, making cards, sewing, or creating mixed media is a lot easier to do on a sturdy table as opposed to one that’s about to collapse any second. Find a large and durable table that’s either made out of metal or wood and use this to work on every single day.

 Easy Storage Boxes – If you can’t afford to buy hat boxes, boxes from Target, or go to a store like the Container Store to buy functional storage containers, get practical and save boxes such as unused pizza boxes. Other boxes that you can use include shoes boxes and even boxes that you receive gifts in the mail from! Transform these boxes into practical storage containers and you can also make them pretty if you want to! A pizza box is the perfect size to store rubber stamps and other items that are the same size.

 Have a Sink Area Nearby – Having a sink area nearby is recommended, but not necessary. A sink will make cleanups a lot easy to handle and not to mention a sink is also very convenient. You won’t have to deal with carrying messy materials with you everywhere. If you’re not near a sink don’t fret, there are other alternatives such as using a container with a spout or filling a bucket up with water.

 Accessible Materials – Many crafters like to store their scissors, stamps, and other materials in drawers, but having select items out in front of you might be a better way to go. Try gluing magnetic strips to a wall and hang scissors and other tools there. You also could mount a peg-board and hooks and hang other supplies for easy access, as opposed to searching high and low for that one item you can never locate right away. These are just a few tips to get you started on creating a fabulous craft room that’s not only practical, but fun too! If you want to implement other glam furniture (besides just a table) for a pretty craft room, look for a sofa sale online and other sales that are going on. You can continue to add to your fun filled craft room and create a room that’s fabulous!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves to craft away and having a
functional space that’s glam and practical are top on her list.

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