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Thursday, July 12, 2012

BatteryOperatedCandles.net Review

I love candles. Having a night at home with Adam, watching Television by candlelight or just sitting and talking.. It IS so relaxing. Especially since we don’t get very much time together because we have 2 kids under 5.

Having real candles in our house is slim, because I am so afraid that the kids will pull the candle on themselves, or turn it over inside the house. Having kids around candles, even if they ARE up high STILL scares me to death.

That’s why when I noticed Battery Operated Candles online, I was so thrilled. We could still enjoy our time together relaxing by candlelight without having to buy real candles!

Battery Operated Candles has so many different types of candles, that it is hard to choose just one. They have some very unique, beautiful, and glowing candles.

Flameless battery operated candles use an LED light source that mimics the look of traditional flame-burning candles. They look so real, yet aren’t. So you don’t have to worry about child safety. It also helps that if you accidentally fall asleep with them on, your house isn’t going to go up in flames.

Set of 3 Multi Function Remote Control Color Changing Candles

I really like that they also have color options. You can get candles that look like a real candle burning, but you can also get the LED lighted candles that look so beautiful with their glowing colors.

Ocean Blue Scent Battery Operated Jar Candle

They also have scented battery operated candles. This is amazing. I’ve never known battery operated candles to put off a scent. This is great if you think you would miss the smell of an actual candle. This particular one smells like the ocean.. Can you say relaxing?

Remote Control Set-3 LED Candles 3.25 x 4.5, 5.5 & 6.5

They also have remote controlled candles. These particular candle look like they have wax melting and running down the sides. These candles can be put anywhere, even places you wouldn’t normally put candles. In a glass case, on a ledge high up, and all the candles can be turned on by the remote. AND all three turn on and off with the remote.

4 Inch Hurricane Pink Battery Operated Candle Set of 24 Inch Hurricane Green Battery Operated Candle Set of 2

They also have colored hurricane candles. They look like they have been molded in a hurricane candle holder, but you don’t have to worry about them burning down to nothing. They will always look the same beautifully molded candles. These candles are also scented! Both types of these candles smell like vanilla.

Battery Operated Pumpkin Wax Votives 2 x 2.5 Set-TwoBattery Operated Burgundy Wax Votive 2 x 2.5 Set of 2

I really like the look of these distressed candles. They look amazing and also come scented. The Distressed pumpkin colored candle smells like spiced pumpkin. The burgundy distressed colored candle smells like pomegranate.

They also have candles for seasonal decorating, your outside light needs, and everything in between.

Look at some of these.

Lighted Red Plum Branch 60 Bulbs - 20 InchesLighted Pink Mini Rose Branch Electric - 60 BulbNatural Elements Thai Lotus Lighted Floral ArrangementLighted Floral Arrangement - 10 White Plum Flowers Green Vase

Just beautiful!

Volume Pricing

Any 2 Items Save 5%

Any 4 Items Save 8%

Any 6 Items Save 10%

Any 8 Items Save 12%

Any 12 Items Save 13%

Any 24 Items Save 15%


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but I would never put anything on my blog that I didn’t think my readers were interested in.


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