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Monday, July 2, 2012

EcoLunchGear Review


I am absolutely thrilled with the two items I received from EcoLunchGear! I received a sandwich wrap and a snack bag. The colors are amazing, and would look great for either yourself, your kids, your mom, best friend, or as a gift to your kid's teacher.

I took these with us to the doctor, I put 2 capri sun pouches inside the sandwich wrap and 6 granola bars in the snack wrap. I know I didn't have to, but my kids are messy and who wants cracked granola bars? Not me, especially since I would be the one picking them up off the doctors' floor. When we arrived at the doctor- the drinks were still cool, even though it was scorching outside.

I love that they also unwrap to easily be used as a placemat. If your going on a picnic and don't want to keep your sandwich or whatever in your hands the entire time, because of the tables or putting them directly on the blanket, this saves you the hassle.

The sandwich wrap can be used for just more than a sandwich. I have put many things inside this and never once has it failed me! They stay tightly velcroed inside, never falling out!

These wraps can be washed which is awesome. Not only can you machine wash them and line dry them, but you can wash these along with your dishes and then let them dry in your drainer (or line dry them). It makes making lunches so much easier!

In the sandwich bag, I received the Starburst Lemon fabric. It is so dainty and very cute yellow fabric with dark blue, light blue, and white polka dots.

Image 1

The best part about it is that you can choose which fabric you want to buy.

Image 1Image 1

Image 1Image 1

Image 1Image 1

So no matter which fabric you get, you know that they will be cute as a button and function SO perfectly well. I love it. I am definitely going to buy my mom something for her lunch bag for work.

Both the snack bags and the sandwich bags open flat so that you aren’t having to pack bulky plates with you to work, or send with your kids to school.


This is a picture of the snack bag laid open.

The velcro tabs lock together to prevent your sandwich or snack from getting soggy or ruined. They are perfect for everybody’s lunch!




A bit about the owner-

Tina Beatty:

My family and I were trying to cut the amount of trash that was going out and found a lot of it was due to packed lunches. I tried other reusable products and wasn't happy with their performance. Being s lifelong sewer I designed my own- that's what prompted me to start my own business in 2008. I started sewing all the products myself and when the business grew I was able to add a couple of fun & talented sewers. They happen to be retired teachers! Our products are made in Michigan and nothing is outsourced. Our supplies are made with Fair Trade companies. We are proud to be recognized by Green America as a green company. We take this very seriously in doing our best with not only the supplies we use but the work area as well.

A bit about the material & product:

It wasn't enough for me to think about the end result and use something reusable, I wanted to think of the beginning as well. That is why we use 100% certified organic cotton vs. just cotton- yes, it does cost more per yard but that fact that it is grown without pesticides is worth every penny. The sandwich wraps & snack bags are lined with a polyurethane coated nylon (the polyurethane coating is on the inside away from food)- this is to help keep food fresh and is resistant to water, stains, mildew, and rot. The nylon has been tested and is free of heavy metals, phalthates, and is lead free. The reason we use a nylon for a liner is to keep things fresh. I've tried It without and the bread gets stale.

The Sandwich Wrap folds around a sandwich, bagel, or even a sliced orange-anything you can think of. It also lays flat to be used as a placemat- great on those not so clean lunch or picnic tables. Both wraps & bags have double velcros on the inside, this is for the cleaning process.

Just fold the velcro tab down before throwing in the wash so it doesn't stick to everything else. They can be machine washed/dried or hand washed and line dried. I usually just hand wash mine with some dishes and let them dry overnight to use the next morning.

The Snack bags open completely for easy clean up- no crumbs left in any corners. I pre-wash all the fabric before it gets cut and sewn together so it is pre-shrunk. This prevents any puckering after you have washed it so it will look just as new as when you received it. Our products can be used over and over again-we have a sandwich wrap that we have used every day for over a year and it still looks great and the velcro holds up like it's new!


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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are 100% true and completely my own!


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