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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum Review

Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating

Styling Serum Review


An exotic blend of Argan, Camellia, Monoi, & Other natural botanical Oils to soften, smooth, shine, and protect all hair types.

The timeless secret of healthy hair has long been known in Asia, Morocco and around the world. It lies in the healing powers of pure botanical oils. SILKtage Rejuventating Styling Serum draws from that ancient wisdom. This infused blend of organic Camellia, Monoi, Argan, and other exotic botanical oils is rich in the antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that healthy hair needs to shine and flourish naturally. The ultra-light, nourishing formula absorbs into hair quickly without oily residue, creating silky smooth texture and shine.

A few drops with maintain luxurious brilliance and silky, smooth shine.

How to use: Tap a few drops into the palm of your hand. Lovingly smooth it into your wet or dry hair, allowing your hair to absorb the healing properties of SILKtage. Concentrate on dry, damaged, frizzy areas and rough areas.

TIP: Always apply SILKtage before using a flat iron or blow dryer to protect hair from styling heat.

PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENT: For extra conditioning, apply to hair and scalp before shampooing. Work the oil along the length of the hair, from the scalp to the ends. Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Leave on overnight when possible. Follow by light shampooing and conditioning, then add a few more drops of SILKtage, style as usual.

A few drops daily will maintain a luxurious brilliance and healthy, silky, frizz free shine without weighing hair down. For specific hair type instructions please visit their website


My Thoughts*


Just over the past year, my hair has become damaged and frizzy because of the amount of heat styling I use. I blow-dry and straighten my hair daily. One-Two times weekly I curl it. I have tried many items to cut down on the split ends and damage that I’ve done to it.

Nothing has been working. I thought about the Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum Organic Oil to help me out. As soon as I got this, I was dying to try it and see the results! I opened the package, and noticed it had a screw on top.

You unscrew it and it has a small hole in the top of the bottle. You just tip it over and it drips small drops into your hand. I use about 3-5 drops at a time. You can use this on wet, damp, or dry hair. It is light brown in color and smells good too. You can smell the organics in it, so it does smell a bit, but it still smells good.

This is SO naturally healing and extremely great for dry, damaged hair. After the FIRST use, my hair felt smoother and was easier to manage. There is no silicone or chemicals inside this oil, which makes it EVEN better.

If you read the ingredients, Organic Camellia Oil is the first ingredient, Monoi Oil, Broccoli seed oil.. So only naturally occurring products in it. This is PURE magic. My hair looks the best it has in the past year. It has basically restored my hair to where it was before I harmed it with blow-drying and flat irons.

My hair was never weighed down or sticky like most healing oils. Not only did this help with my split ends, but it added volume to my fine hair when used as a before shampoo treatment.

My head usually itches from dry scalp, and no matter what dandruff shampoo I use: I still get that pricky pokey feeling sometimes. This has definitely restored the moisture to my scalp AND my hair!

I use this as a BEFORE shampoo treatment twice a week, and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then I wash and condition as usual, then put a couple more drops in my wet hair and blow-dry it. THEN I put a couple more drops on my hair and straighten it. It looks beautiful, shiny, and OH SO HEALTHY!

2012-04-12 04.54.112012-04-29 22.16.15

I have had SO many complements on how thick, shiny, and silky my hair looks. It makes me feel amazing to get these complements and it’s because of this MAGIC oil! I have never used a serum or oil that reduces frizz and split ends like this does.!

This can also be used as a moisturizer on the skin because of the all natural ingredients. After shaving, I can rub some of this on my legs to give my legs a shiny healthy luminous look.

Camellia Oil is the secret in Japan for conditioning and styling hair. It is known for it’s nourishing and rejuvenating effects.It contains 90% essential fatty acids and extremely high levels of Vitamin E and polyphenols essential for binding moisture, thickening hair, stimulating hair growth, softening texture, and enhancing shine.

Monoi Oil is an ancient Polynesian beauty secret. It is an infusion of Tahitian gardenia flowers soaked in coconut oil. This blend has been used by women in the islands of Polynesia for centuries to beautify and nourish the hair. Known for it's conditioning and moisturizing properties, it helps repair damaged keratin fibers, adds shine, and makes hair easier to manage and style.

This product is remarkable in every single way! I am EXTREMELY happy with it. You can purchase this on Amazon for $39.




Each ingredient offers a specific benefit to the health and protection of the hair. SILKtage is nourishing to every hair type and especially beneficial to dry, stressed, frizzy hair- strengthening hair from the root and restoring moisture lost from styling heat, chemicals, and the environment. The lightweight, ultranourishing formula absorbs into hair quickly without oily residue, creating silky, bouncy, smooth texture and shine.

  • Improves the health of the hair
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaway
  • Moisturizes dry hair, scalp and skin
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Repairs damaged hair, hair breakage, and split ends
  • Adds protective shine
  • Creates smoother, straighter blow-dry
  • Safe for color treated or permed hair (and extends the life of color and perm)
  • Adds volume to fine, thin hair
  • Restores hair strength and elasticity.
  • Adds vitality to color and highlights
  • Tames thick, unmanageable hair



Signature Ingredients:

*Camellia (Green Tea) oil is our signature ingredient. It is the highest-percentage ingredient in our formula, which means you get the full benefit of this remarkable oil. High in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, this ancient Japanese secret is renowned for its nourishing and rejuvenating effects to the hair, skin, and nails.

*Monoi Oil is an ancient Polynesian beauty secret. It is an infusion of Tahitian gardenia flowers soaked in coconut oil. This blend has been used by women in the islands of Polynesia for centuries to beautify and nourish the hair and skin.

*Argan Oil has been used by women in Morocco for centuries to nourish and protect the hair, skin, and nails. It is high in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. It consistently restores shine and luster to dull dry hair.


About the Makers:

As a hairstylist, makeup artist, and the rare photographer who styles her subjects herself, Robin Emtage has devoted her career to helping clients look their best. Her work has appeared in numerous national magazines, and her many celebrity clients have included singers, movie stars, and pro athletes. Along the way, she noticed that most styling serums and oils were full of silicones, harsh chemicals, and preservatives. She was tired of seeing her clients sacrifice the health of their hair for the sake of temporary “chemical shine.” She decided to create her own truly natural formula that would improve the health of the hair while making it silky, smooth, and shiny- naturally. Her effort succeeded, and Emtage hair was born.

For professional styling tips and the full story behind this unique formula, visit the Emtage website.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are completely honest and 100% mine.


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