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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glam up Your Pond and Garden Design this Summer – Pretty Aesthetics worth Having

If you currently have a fun pond and garden area and you’d love to glam it up, there are simple yet creative ways to do this! A pond area is a wonderful place where you can socialize with friends during the summer, so making it inviting and creative will definitely pay off. Think of the pretty plants you can place in the pond and don’t forget about implementing comfortable seating near the pond that will make your garden area more inviting. It’s time to be creative and add to a pond with pretty aesthetics.

Stunning Lighting

An LED pond light set will highlight the pond and light up the seating area too. Plus, these modern lights are perfect because even though they are powerful lights, the cost to run them is low. Buy them with an array of colored lenses and enjoy fun lighting during the summer time. With the modern lighting and a stunning garden and pond design, your pool and garden area will light up beautifully and you will enjoy staying up late into the evening talking to friends.

Pond Plants? Yes, Please!

There are many pretty pond plants that will look lovely in your pond, so why not find a few plants that would look tropical and bright! An Alexis Waterlily is just one example of a pretty pond plant that produces large blue deep flowers that will brighten up your pond in a flash. After the flowers are planted they will be held high above olive green pads, which will create a stunning pond. Plus, the petaloid stamens will create a unique anemone look to the flower and it will be nice to gaze over at attractive flowers while enjoying a nice conversation. Besides just having pretty plants, be sure to have the correct pool accessories so that your plants stay happy and the design looks sharp – this includes pond liners, air pumps, filters, and more.

Comfortable and Chic Seating

Of course, in order to enjoy the garden and pool area you need comfortable seating too! Aim for comfort and invest in garden chairs that will fold up and have cushioning too. No one wants to get a sore butt while enjoying a nice conversation near your pond! Find a teak outdoor furniture set that includes four chairs and a table and you’ll be all set to have a fun outdoor garden party or just invite the neighbors over to chat and visit. Now it’s time to sit back and relax and be proud of all of your hard work! Your garden and pond now look smashing and glamorous!

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves to decorate and make any outdoor space aesthetically pleasing. Catch up with her on her Ocean Dreams blog and learn more about here there.


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