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Thursday, July 5, 2012

MadeFromEarth Natural Skincare Review


The Vitamin C Moisturizer contains the highest possible concentration of Vitamin C in a skin care product. The moisturizer is designed to protect, repair and moisturize. Vitamin C encourages collagen production, which brightens and softens the skin. It may be worn under sunscreen, since Vitamin C boosts the effectiveness of the sunscreen. While the Vitamin C Moisturizer is excellent at helping prevent sunburn, it can also aid with hyperpigmentation, which is a discoloration of the skin from frequent sun exposure.

The Vitamin C Moisturizer may also be used to restore elasticity and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

2 oz.


Moisturize daily for normal and dry skin. For oily skin, use three times per week. Gently smooth over face and neck in circular motion.

About our Ingredients:

The combination of MSM wih Vitamin C is excellent in boosting collagen production and creating healthy new skin cells. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a key ingredient in the Vitamin C Moisturizer, which is an organic compound with impressive benefits. Overtime, this will improve the complexion of your skin. Coconut oil is known for being an effective moisturizer for dry skin. It delays the appearance of fine lines, and moisturizes without irritation. Coconut oil is excellent for speeding up healing process of bruises by repairing damaged skin cells. Evening prime rose oil is a great anti-inflamatory for skin conditions, such as rosescea or dry, itchy skin. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin while also brightening the skin tone without causing any irritation.

My Thoughts*

I have been using this for about a month. Because I have oily skin, I can only use this every other day because it has extreme moisturizing agents in it. It has coconut oil in it, so it has repairing agents that help speed up healing of bruises and other skin problems.

My skin had some old discoloration from acne scars from when I was a teenager. This has lightened the discoloration to where it can’t be seen at all. It has left my skin extremely hydrated and moisturized. 

This helps create moisturizes without any irritation or redness. It helps with the effectiveness of my sunscreen. When I am going swimming, I can put this on <All over my body> and then put the sunscreen on and it doubles the effectiveness of it.

I also like to use this on my kids under their sunscreen. They love being outside, but lately it has been VERY hot and the UV rays have doubled. They have very fair skin and they burn very easily. I want them to be safe from sunburn as much as possible.

I have dry, itchy skin most of the time. I have bought and used plenty of products to help with the dry itchy skin on my legs. Some have worked, others haven’t. This does though. It helps seal in the moisture with the Vitamin C.

This is available for purchase from the MadefromEarth website.

Vitamin C Moisturizer $54.99



Our Lavender Calm Soap contains relaxing essential oils and plant materials designed to soothe your skin and calm your senses.

Lavender’s natural properties soften and cleanse, while providing aromatic wonders to lift you to a peaceful place. The calming properties of the lavender flower are recommended and gentle even for the most sensitive skin types. A must have for those seeking harmony and tranquility in the shower.

About our Ingredients:


Our lavender ingredient is formulated with a 100% vegetable base and enriched with plant roots to create a soothing and calming bar soap. The lavender is organically harvested using sustainable methods and is free of any harsh detergents and sulfates.

My Thoughts*

This soap is absolutely amazing. The smell of Lavender is absolutely calming and refreshing. Not only does it help the skin, it also smells great in the bathroom. It’s so fragrant that as soon as you walk in the bathroom, you can smell lavender.

The more you use it, the more fragrant it makes your bathroom. I received 2 bars of the lavender soap, so I use one especially for handwashing in the bathroom and the other in the bathtub for face washing use.

Adam works outside. He is a foreman for our local tree-trimming service. They travel to surrounding counties in Kentucky and Tennessee, so his day is long, hard, and extremely hot in the summer. The first thing he does when he comes in is shower and wash his face.

Other bar soaps are drying to your skin and can leave it feeling like you have rubbed sandpaper across it.  This isn’t drying at all. It soothes and relaxes while making my skin feel absolutely amazing.


This is available for $6.50 on the MadefromEarth website.. Lavender soap

All of MadefromEarth’s products are completely 100% natural and organic. You will never find synthetics or chemicals inside these products.


As I have said numerous times before that putting chemicals on your face, body, or in your hair can turn potentially dangerous when using chemically induced products for long periods of time. They can start to seep through your skin and through your scalp and cause you harm.

So organic products are better for your health and wellbeing than chemical products.

About MadeFromEarth

We are a forward looking company that specializes in organic skin care products. Our goal is to enable people to make the right choices about the right skin care products.

We limit our line of products to just the best the organic market can offer in face treatments, body lotions, hair, bath and lip balms. It has been our honor to work with the best eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and recognized people in the health and beauty industry. Our company is based on the same healthy values from the day we started: excellent customer service for high quality and healthy ingredients. It is our objective to continue to grow by providing exciting new formulas and treatments to serve our healthy customers.

Our Surprise

We were surprised at how many synthetic chemicals are being used in skin care products today, most of which are added as a preservative. For example, other companies use organic ingredients and then mix them with chemicals for preservation (a preservative). A study, reported in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, found parabens to be the most common cosmetic preservative present in significant amounts in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors. Cosmetic chemicals accumulate in the body’s fatty tissues, where they can remain for years and damage your cells. Made from Earth uses a natural preservative system to preserve our precious organic ingredients - and we found our natural preservatives are great for your skin, like Jojoba and Vitamin E.

be an educated consumer

Healthy Ingredients = Healthy products

Our line of organic skin care essentials contain the highest possible levels of organic ingredients and fruits. We have searched the entire USA for ingredients that meet our earth-friendly requirements and are hand-selected to provide you with exceptional skin care. You will find our complete ingredients listed prominently on each product page. No catchy phrases or deceptive marketing – our ingredients speak for themselves.

Our ingredients / plants are from organic farms. There are no toxic ingredients in our products. There is no diluting or watering down of our potent organic plant ingredients. There is no synthetic coloring agents or fragrances, or paraffin and other petroleum products are permitted. Preservatives from synthetic sources are not permitted, such as Parabens (propyl, methyl and ethyl). Lastly, all manufacturers must provide a certificate of organic certification from either of these three certifying agencies:

We are 100% farmed and sourced in the USA.

Our facilities are FDA Registered under high standards of quality control. We also manufacture using a certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility. Being cGMP compliant means we encompasses the full spectrum of Microbiological Testing, including Aerobic Plate Count, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, and Accelerated Stability Testing.

Partnership: Caring Consumer

In our manufacturing processes we only use cruelty-free products. Unfortunately, even today, hundreds of thousands of animals are inappropriately treated to provide product tests for shampoos, cleaners, cosmetics, and other personal care items. We are against this, and will not work with any partners or providers that associate with that type of conduct.

Made from Earth is in full support of initiatives and an active member in pushing for proper legislation in Washington DC. We work with more than 50 endorsing campaigns and thousands of grassroots supporters to lobby congress and our leaders to provide safelty and regulate the removal of harmful ingredients from skin care products on the market today.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are mine and 100% completely honest.


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