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Friday, July 6, 2012

Orlane Skin Care Review


Serum Fermete Thermo-Actif

Thermo-Active Firming Serum

This skincare product inspired by dermo-esthetics acts in a new way to remodel the shape of the face.


The skin becomes firmer, plumper and more elastic.
The shape of the face is remodeled, the outline of the face is redefined and the contours are more distinct.
The face regains its shape and youthful appearance.

Inspired by the latest advances in skin aesthetics on the production of collagen fibers obtained by warming the skin, Thermo-Active Firming Serum acts in a new way to remodel the shape of the face:
-A Tourmaline extract promotes skin warming to increase the production of new collagen.
-Rye extract expands the collagen-producing cells, while a purifying Green Tea extract lightens the features and illuminates the complexion.
For an immediately visible result, Oat extract forms a comfortable lifting film.

My Thoughts*

I seen results within the first week of using this. My skin was definitely more soft, supple, and had such a healthy glow to it. My skin has definitely lightened up.

The dark spots have totally disappeared, and you can’t even see traces of where they used to be. My skin feels tighter and my complexion is brighter. My skin hasn’t started thinning yet, because I’m only 23, but I definitely try an array of products that I can keep in my skin care regimen so that it doesn’t just pop up on me without realizing it.

Orlane Extreme Line Reducing Re-Plumping Cream

Crème Repulpante Antirides Extreme

 Extreme Line-Reducing Re-plumping Cream

This exceptional treatment fights wrinkles at their very source and takes account of the whole environment that causes sagging, deep lines and discomfort.


Visibly rejuvenated skin. Wrinkles fade and the skin is renewed from within, visibly fuller with shapelier contours.

A triple-action formula:
-Stimulates skin regeneration and "treats" the wrinkle from the inside.
-Rebuilds the skin’s underlying support to plump wrinkles on the surface.
-Provides comfort and hydration immediately and durably.

My Thoughts*

There are tons of factors that can lead to deep wrinkles. Whether it’s the environment or stress, this creamy textured cream will help you either way. This cream stimulates skin regeneration.

Crème Repulpante Antirides Extreme contains Black tea extracts. Black tea has TONS of helpful skin ingredients. It contains Theaflavin, which soak into the skin. This can help reduce cholesterol and reduces the risk of cancer. This hits the root of the wrinkles, reduces them dramatically and keeps them away.

Black Tea extract also helps to prevent UV rays from harming your skin. I know that women think that Bronzed and tan is beautiful.. but it IS harmful and you should take all the extra help you can get in skincare to avoid harmful effects the sun can have on your skin. Black tea also naturally helps to rid of blemishes, so isn’t that AMAZING?

Although MYSELF, I am not old enough to get wrinkles yet, I did still use this and my skin was exceptionally soft, supple, and felt SO amazing. My mom also used this a couple of times and she said it made her skin feel SO youthful and gave her a glow she hadn’t had in years.

My face feels deeply rejuvenated and my skin feels tighter! Having enough moisture to your skin is very essential to keeping your skin healthy, and this crème is amazing at helping put moisture and nourishment into your skin.

Extreme care Anti-wrinkle Eye Contour - B21 Bio-Energic

Soin Antirides Extreme Contour Des Yeux

Extreme Line Reducing Care Eye Contour

A targeted, exceptionally effective care for the eye contour, for demonstrated visible "rejuvenation" of this fragile area.


The eye contour appears more youthful after one week of use. Fine lines and crow’s feet seem "erased"; the skin is softer, more supple, visibly toned.

A dual line-smoothing action: it contains Memoxyle® which fights the formation of wrinkles and the vegetal bio-energic complex which smooths the skin surface.
Visibly firms, brightens and tones.
Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

My Thoughts*

Apply morning and evening by light circular motion. This stimulates cellular energy, while smoothing and firming your skin. Within the first couple of uses you can definitely tell the difference in your skin elasticity.

This is the first eye cream that relieves congestion and drains around the eyes which cause wrinkles and black looking bags under your eyes. Women try and try to fight both of these without help. Orlane is amazing, creating an eye cream that fights both in just a couple uses.

Putting this on at night, the first thing I noticed when I woke up in the morning is that my eyes looked rested and regenerated. Skin renewal starts with nightly use. If you don’t use your skin care daily, it isn’t going to be as effective as if you did.

This cream targets epidermal repair to help repair wrinkles. Smooth skin can break through because it targets the messages between cells, helping skin to stay younger longer than usual. I really liked this.!!

Repairing Night Cream Absolute Skin Recovery

Creme De Nuit Reparatrice Anti-Fatigue Absolu

Repairing Night Cream Absolute Skin Recovery

Orlane B21 Anti-Fatigue Recovery Care (day & night)

This absolute skin repair treatment activates cellular self-repair mechanisms during the night and erases the signs of aging and fatigue.


There is a visible difference in all the signs of aging. A glowing complexion, smoother, thoroughly rested skin, and a face with a distinctly younger appearance.

This truly innovative cream amplifies the skin’s natural night-time reconstruction activities by stimulating the longevity protein that increases the repair time in the heart of every cell and reinforces DNA’s repair systems, giving birth to young cells in healthier condition.
The skin is visibly regenerated, rebuilt, restored deep-down, reborn.

My Thoughts*

This has cutting edge technology that most night creams lack. This targets your skin at night to activate your cells to self-repair and erase the signs of aging, tiredness, and stressed skin.

My complexion is bright and glowing. I also love that my skin has been crystal clear since using these products. These products are top of the line and make me feel like I am just beaming with luxury. Can you tell whether someone is using drugstore products vs. top of the line?

I definitely can since I have been using it and can tell a huge difference in my skin. I’ve never known soft until I was introduced to high quality skin care. This isn’t heavy at all and blends right in. My skin is at it’s peak and I want to keep it that way!

It’s a bit heavy, so it’s best kept for night-time regimen. Most women try and use night-time creams under their makeup as a day moisturizer, but keep this as a night time treatment. You don’t have to use this very long to see a huge difference in your skin health.

Who wouldn’t want radiant, vibrant skin? I know I couldn’t pass it up. There is NO way I am going back to regular night-time treatments!!

My skin has definitely seen a HUGE turn around using all these Orlane products together. My skin is firmer, tighter, healthier looking and is extremely moisturized.

About Orlane


Right from the start, Orlane knew beauty products could be incredibly effective. In 1947, Orlane proved to be a forerunner of anti-aging skincare by becoming the first brand to use “truly active” ingredients in its products. Even its advertisements were innovative thanks to their illustrated skin cross-sections. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Orlane had already claimed its place as the benchmark anti-aging skincare brand.

The founding principle of Orlane anti-aging skincare is the B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex, based on the fabulous potential of energy to re-educate the skin. It has adapted to reflect research breakthroughs, but remains at the heart of each Orlane anti-aging formula.

Today, this spirit of innovation still makes a striking impact on the beauty market. On the cutting edge of technology, Orlane anti-aging formulas are famous for their extreme quality and excellence.

The company: a family business on an international scale

Mr. Giraudi, a visionary founder and pharmaceutical doctor, has created, directed and developed the Italian cosmetics Kelémata group for almost 30 years. He is backed by his daughter Raffaëlla, Managing Director of Orlane, and his son Gian-Luca, CEO of Orlane.  The Orlane brand is distributed in about 75 countries.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.

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