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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Review



This shampoo is amazing. It is very strengthening and replenishing to weak and damaged hair. It contains Soy derived proteins to help with split ends, The frizzies, and damaged hair.

Although my hair isn’t broken, it is damaged. I blow-dry and flat iron almost daily and curl about once a week. I am getting split ends, so I needed something that would help me with this. I could just get the split ends cut off, but I wanted to put some repairing products to the test!

I love that this shampoo adds moisture without weighing down my hair. This is amazing for dyed or permed hair. It is a sulfate free shampoo, so it doesn’t bubble up like normal shampoo’s do (which is a good thing). The more a shampoo bubbles up, the more natural vitamins and moistures it can strip.

This shampoo is designed to give you the extra vitamins, moisture, and damage repair that you need. It doesn’t strip color, so if you color your hair AND your hair is damaged: you are in luck!

This fortifies your hair, makes it soft but not too soft, very manageable, and extremely healthy. People worry about putting too many proteins in the hair (which can cause breakage and damage) but because these proteins are from SOY- it will HELP your hair and is safe to use daily.

Although I only received a small bottle of this, I felt that it lasted longer than any other “sample” shampoo’s would. I washed my hair (which is LONG) everyday for about 2 weeks with just a small bottle. Think about that. If I had gotten a bigger bottle, I think I could have made it last for 3-4 months. It only took about a nickel size amount to wash my entire hair. Which is saying quite a lot.

With most other shampoo’s I have to use a half dollar size amount to even come close to covering my entire hair. This Pureology shampoo is concentrated though. It has more bang for the buck!!

Repairing products are fit for broken and damaged hair shafts. It fills in the weakened spots with what they need to be healthy and beautiful. If your hair isn’t damaged or broken, I would suggest looking into another line of shampoo and conditioners that Pureology sells. If you use a repairing shampoo that has protein in it, without having anything to repair- it can have a reverse effect on your hair and make it brittle (after a long period of time).

It smells like a tropical smell (which I love). I thought of tanning lotion  and the beach every time I opened the bottle… MMM Who wouldn’t want to laze around on a beach just thinking of nothing to do all day? ME

I love this shampoo. If you have damaged, broken hair- this shampoo would definitely help to give your hair the nutrients, hydration, and protein that it’s lacking. Split ends and broken hair are turned into shiny, frizz free, naturally beautiful hair.



Infused with natural botanicals, herbs, biotin, and soy proteins; this conditioner soaks into the hair to give it the healthiness it’s craving. It provides both moisture AND strength without making hair oily or greasy OR weighing it down.

It works very well when used with the shampoo. I usually leave shampoo in for about 1-2 minutes and conditioner for about 3-4 minutes before rinsing. This way my hair can soak up the goodies in the products.

Most moisturizing products make my hair oily. It’s naturally OILY, but moisturizing products mixed in with the natural oiliness usually has me washing my hair daily.

I really liked that I could have skipped days if I wished. My hair never once looked greasy, oily, or weighed down on the second day. Which is a huge plus for my long hair.

I really enjoyed using both of these products. It smells like summer time, feels amazing, isn’t hard to wash out, and helped the split ends. Who could complain? Not this girl.

I have worked with Pureology before and AM totally amazed with their products. I used the Volume Mousse and Anti-split blow dry before- and still won’t blow-dry my hair without them. Adds volume, protection, and helps keep hair from becoming damaged.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone having hair dilemma’s.!

You can find out where to purchase Pureology near YOU at the Where to BUY link on their website.


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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.


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