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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caudalie Paris “Thé des Vignes” Perfume review

“Thé des Vignes is inspired by that secretive moment at dusk, as warm sunlight flares in the horizon while the scents of my family’s vineyard deepen into musk and suspend into a caress of ginger and neroli.” Mathilde Thomas, Caudalie Founder

The Caudalie Paris “Thé des Vignes”  is an amazing perfume, I LOVE the way it smells. It is so captivating and sensual smelling. You can smell the white musk in it, but it isn’t really strong because it has hints of ginger and honey. It also has orange blossom and jasmine in it as well. So all these combinations mix together to make the most romantic and sweet smelling perfume that I’ve ever had the joy of trying!

It is inspiring and beautifully put together, giving off such a delicate fresh smell. It is subtle yet flirty and fun. The bottle is absolutely STUNNING. As you can tell from the inset picture, it starts at the bottom with a deep pink almost purple coloring. As the bottle gets taller, the color gets lighter.

The bottle is travel friendly. It is small, but yet not petite. I bet I could use this perfume daily and have enough to last half the year or more. It is a circular bottle, so it can either lay flat in the bottom of your purse or be put inside a pocket so you can take it with you.

I have other perfumes in my collection (Some that I absolutely adored).. (EX. Amber Romance from Victoria’s Secret, Davidoff Coolwater, and Lucky) but I find myself always reaching for this one. It has such a unique scent unlike any other perfume on the market.

The musk is a brilliant undertone foundation for this perfume. Adding the layers of floral just added to the seduction of the perfume. Although this isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg like some perfumes do, it has an even better quality than most of the high dollar perfumes.

I am really REALLY loving this. I find myself lost in the sweet somber scent of this intriguing scent. I praise the owner for thinking of this beautiful scent. I can honestly see this becoming my “to-go-to scent”. Basically, it already has.

It was a great hit at a garage sale we threw at my moms. I swear it was 103* outside and I was basically sweating buckets, yet I kept getting compliments on how great I smelled. So- obviously even though I had about a gallon of sweat on me,

The other perfumes on my vanity have become very lonely, because they have been left out! I know I shouldn’t hurt their little perfumy hearts, but I can’t help it. When I like something, I use it and use it, until it’s gone. Kind of like listening to the same song on repeat.. LOL.

I am hoping that the company NEVER EVER discontinues this perfume. I know companies bring new products in from time to time and some get the old switcheroo.. please don’t let this be one of them!

BUY IT: You can buy Thé des Vignes 50ml for $36 on the Caudalie website.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely my own and not influenced in any way.

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