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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cloud B: Tranquil Turtle Review & Giveaway


As a mom, I have tried several methods for better sleeping with both Aidan and Adisyn. I am a worry-wort and was horribly sleep deprived when my kids were babies because they would wake up crying all the time.

It became a habit for them to sleep with us at night. They would wake up crying and I would let them crawl into bed with us. I think it made them feel safer and let them sleep a little better.

I didn’t want to make a habit of this though, and have them getting older and still crawling into bed with us every night. I had to do something. THEN- I heard about the Cloud B Tranquil Turtle.

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Calming Lights And Soothing Sounds For Your Sleep Routine. The brand new Tranquil Turtle from Cloud b combines the sense of sight and sound in one fun product! Tranquil Turtle projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays two soothing sounds to help children sleep. Adjust brightness using Slide Control. Auto shut-off after 23 minutes. 3 AA batteries included.

The Tranquil Turtle ($54.95) is the latest innovative sleep aid from Cloud B. The hard plastic shell mimics the sound and lightening effect of a real ocean. This is extremely soothing to Adisyn  AND Aidan.

Hearing the tranquil sounds of the ocean just makes her fall into dreamland so peacefully. The light shines through the turtles shell and plays off the ceiling to give the motion that they are in they are underwater. It gently tilts and rocks to switch it up (it even made me drift off..Lol).


The turtle also plays a soothing melody, so they have a choice of the ocean sound and the melody. The light can also be dimmed so that it isn’t so bright.

Aidan just started Kindergarten, and he has trouble getting to sleep on time. I am sure that this will be the trick to getting him to bed early so he isn’t cranky in the mornings.

This is such an amazing, innovative product that my kids now cherish. Adisyn has been packing her “turtle” around day and night. She loves him and sleeps with him nightly. I am glad we have found such a simple explanation to sleeping better. I just wish I had found this when the kids were babies…

We are all sleeping better, not waking up at all hours during the night. At first, we were having issues still. But I think she just feels safer with her “buddy” in the bed with her. If she does wake up, I just turn the Tranquil Turtle back on, sit with her for a minute, and she will drift back into slumber land.



*Projects underwater Light effect

*Plays 2 soothing sounds: Tranquil melody and Ocean waves

*Shells glows in a relaxing aquamarine color

*Adjust brightness using slide control

*Auto shut off after 23 minutes.

*Takes 3 AA batteries

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BUY IT: Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Night Light is available directly from Cloud b 

WIN IT: The Tranquil Turtle will be a part of my 10,000 FB Fan Giveaway, so make sure you stay informed, so you don’t miss out!!

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.

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