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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Daddy & Son Sharing Traditions

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When I was a little girl, I’m pretty sure I only owned matchbox cars, footballs, baseballs, and army men. I could be found outside digging in the dirt, making roads for my cars to drive on.

That’s right- I was a tomboy! Even when I got older- I would rather ride 4 wheelers or go horseback riding then hang out at the mall after school. I have always liked watching baseball as well as playing it.

When I was in 5th or 6th grades, the boys on the team (just during recess) doubted my abilities because I was petite. Boy did I sure show THEM! They were amazed at how well I could catch and how fast I could run! I was like the wind!

When I got into middle school and high school, I loved going to games and watching. It’s the excitement, the fun, the “team” aspect of it. It just excites me. Did I mention that I was half crazy during these games?

I definitely did! You could see me in the stands, all decked out in my baseball apparel- shirt the color of the team, face paintings, and all. Then when I was a junior- I met Adam.

He and I started going to games together when we could. He introduced me to fitted hats, which I am now addicted to. Adam hates wearing a hat that isn’t fitted- it hurts his head.

I didn’t like wearing non-fitted hats because my head is small and I’d have to practically hold them on to keep them from completely falling off. Every time he and I go hat shopping- you’ll see him head straight for the fitted section.

If he gets a non-fitted hat for Christmas- he will NOT wear it. Now that we have a son, he has passed this on to Aidan. Aidan LOVES hats. He will put them on and pretend to be “Daddy”. He will walk into the room and say “I’m not Aidan, I’m daddy”. It cracks me up.

I really like the fitted hats because now Aidan can share hats with Adam. It makes him feel Oh-so-special and puts a smile on my face…

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I’ve been with him for seven years this year


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