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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ecowell Dog Shampoo & Spray Review

Dirty & Hairy Shampoo with

*Removes Deep Down Dirt

*Neutralizes Foul Odors

*Light, Fresh Scent is long lasting'

*natural alternate

For the outdoor dog! To use: Massage onto wet coat. Rinse. Follow with love and praise

Go ahead, let your dog play in the mud, frolic in the forest and hike in the mountains. It’s what dogs love to do. Dirty and Hairy is formulated for just such a dog. This gentle, fresh-smelling shampoo will clean, condition and protect with citronella oil but it will not strip essential oils from your pet’s skin. There are no detergents or pyrenthrin based pesticides. The natural, human grade ingredients are perfectly safe for puppies, people and their pets.

My Thoughts*

2012-03-09 18.35.062012-03-09 18.27.50

Cheyenne can get really dirty, very quickly. She is an outside dog that is chained up practically in the dirtiest spot in the yard. It’s basically the only spot with a large tree to keep her shaded in the summer though.

Where she is an Alaskan Malamute, her hair is really really thick- so it takes an extra special shampoo to get all those knots and tangles as well as the dirt out.

My mom helped me out with this one, because there was no way that I could wash her AND take pictures. She doesn’t like baths too well, so she was practically shaking her fur the entire time.. lol.

This dog shampoo is specifically designed to get the deep down dirt and kill the odor that come with it. Cheyenne’s fur was matted pretty bad before using this shampoo.

After we started washing her, (AND brushing) the knots were coming right out. She has a problem with rolling around in mud, so the knots were also crusted with mud.

At first my mom thought that we were going to have to cut her hair just to get them out- we didn’t though. The shampoo smelled really good on her as well. It smelled like a mixture of green tea and lime.

I was amazed that her coat was still looking extremely healthy, vibrant, and shiny after a week and a half- which was when we gave her yet another bath. This gentle, fresh-smelling shampoo will not strip essential oils from your pet's skin, and will not wash out spot-on flea and tick products.

You can buy the shampoo for $9.99 for 16 oz. flip top bottle

I was amazed with this shampoo- I can’t wait to use it on our new baby pit bull Apollo.

2012-04-16 06.28.22


Outdoor Spray with Citronella

*Neutralizes odor

*Quickly freshens a smelly dog

*Long Lasting Scent

Use Dirty & Hairy's refreshing spray between adventures to keep your dog smelling fresh while protecting from the great outdoors. This spray contains a proprietary odor-eating ingredient that neutralizes odors to keep your pet and house odor-free. Your can also spray on bedding, carpets and upholstery. The natural human-grade ingredients are safe for people, puppies and pets. This product is perfect for those days when there's just not enough time to bathe the dog!

Natural pet spray contains ingredients that provide outdoor protection while neutralizing bad smells. It can also be used on bedding, carpets, and furniture.

I used this on Apollo because he is still so very small, and I was scared to give him an actual bath. He despises the water something awful. So- all we had to do was spray this on his coat and he was good as new.

He smelled good for awhile before we had to use it again. I love that they carry both shampoos AND sprays. It was so much easier just to spray Apollo then give him an entire bath because he jumps everywhere and tries to get out of the baby pool something fierce.

I didn’t have to fight with him about the spray though. I didn’t even have to hold him down. I just called him to me, grabbed his collar and went to spraying. SO much easier.

You can purchase both of these items from their website

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.

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