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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Green Virgin Cleaning Products Review


I am excited to tell you about a new GREEN cleaning company. Green Virgin Products. This company is an online company that offers cleaning products that are totally chemical free.

I am not going to sit here and say that I am totally “GREEN.” I have been tweaking and adding stuff to my cleaning habits this year to make my home as chemical free as I can.

I have been learning a TON this year about different products and how harmful chemicals can be not only in bathing products, makeup, and home products but ALSO cleaning products.

I used to think that something that could clean that well couldn’t harm my family or me because it IS cleaning.. right? WRONG- Oh, how wrong was I.

Green Virgin Products has just about everything that anyone needs to clean their home.


The Soap Nuts

They carry all natural soap nuts Soap Nuts are the fruit of the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. These soap nuts are harvested and then dried in the sun- SO all natural!

This can be used for tons of items. They sent a little piece of paper with the soap nuts to explain how to use them and what ways they could be used IN. I thought “WOW”.

The soap nut contains saponin, which has cleaning abilities equal to those chemical induced cleaners that we are all used to. The first thing that was said to use this for is laundry detergent.

"Did you know that chemical laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets should be avoided at all cost? Yikes! These products contain chemicals classified under federal law as carcinogens, toxic and hazardous. Some are on the EPA hazardous waste list. The list of health hazards associated with the chemicals in laundry products is staggering and extremely serious. There are known carcinogens in nationally advertised brands of laundry detergents, fabric softener and dryer sheets.”

The soap nuts come in whole nuts, so you break them down (which is easy to do by hand) and place 5-7 broken up nuts into the smaller bag and throw them in the washer AND dryer with your clothes. These nuts are completely organic, green, AND hypo-allergenic. Which means that there will be NO rashes, no redness, and no itchiness. You can even use this on delicates and baby clothes.

Saving money is also a big plus with switching to Green Virgin. Most organic cleaning products cost MORE than regular cleaning products, which is why it’s harder for some people to make the switch. Not with Green Virgin. These Soap nuts are both Laundry detergent AND dryer sheets, so think of the money you’re saving.

This is amazing because you can REUSE these many times before they disintegrate and you need more. I really liked them. At first- I was kind of iffy about using them. I had never used a soap nut as a laundry detergent before and didn’t really know if my clothes would be clean OR smell clean.

They did though. The dirt was gone from the kids clothes and the coffee I spilled on my shirt earlier that day was gone. I was impressed and excited to have found such a unique alternate to chemically processed detergent.

This can also be boiled down and used as an everyday cleaner. It can be used as a soap to wash your car, your pets, dishes, or even use it to wash your vegetables before eating them.

I got a pump action bottle with this to try with the soap nuts- I washed anything and everything in my house with this. I used it on my counters, on my refrigerator, walls, bathroom, and stove. THIS was amazing for cleaning everything.

Nothing had streaks or left behind gunk. I really liked using this and will continue to purchase this for my family. It was so unique and really worked on everything.

  • · By using soap nuts, your clothes will be soft without the use of a fabric softener
  • · Soap nuts cost 2.5 times less than leading national brands (1 kilo bag of soap nuts costs $26.95 and washes up to 330 loads of laundry)
  • · Using soap nuts doesn’t pollute our valuable water supply like toxic name brands do
  • · Soap nuts have been used for thousands of years
  • · They are completely sustainable!  They grow on trees, drop to the ground, are cracked open then dried naturally in the sun.


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Natural Deodorant Stone

I also received an all natural deodorant stone. It is 100% pure Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone that contains no aluminum, carcinogens or toxic chemicals which are typically found in commercial brands.

You can also use this on smelly feet. All you do is get the stone wet and apply it under your arms or on your feet. I used this on the hottest days of the year this year- it was 107 here in July and it was absolutely horrible heat. I couldn’t walk outside without breaking into a sweat.

Of course, we didn’t even have the pool put up until it started cooling down- so I didn’t get any relief there. My kids were BEGGING and PLEADING to go outside. SO- I decided to give the stone a whirl and see if it really worked as well as it said.

This stone can last up to one YEAR! Isn’t that amazing? Not having to buy deodorant for a year. The most awesome thing about this is that you can throw it in your beach bag and take it with you swimming and it doesn’t melt and get all gooey like the other “commercial” deodorants.

This worked amazingly! Even with it sweltering outside, I couldn’t smell even a slight hint of sweat.

GVP Formula 433 All Purpose Cleaner is an amazing cleaner. You can dilute this with water at a ration 5:1 and use it for medium duty cleaning around the house; washing the car, dish soap, cleaning the counters, and more.

I even sprayed this on the floor and used it to mop up some spills that my kids made. It worked awesomely. This cleaned way better than any of the commercial products could.

I’m pretty sure I sprayed this on practically every surface of my house, and I was never disappointed. I even sprayed this in the toilet and in the shower—WITH amazing results.

I even used this an an oven and stove cleaner. It worked fabulously. I didn’t have to let this soak forever before wiping it up. There was no greasy residue left behind. There was no problems at all with any surface I used this on. Everything was clean, smelling wonderful, and germ free without all the toxins.

I AM definitely adding these products to my cleaning cabinet now. Thank YOU Green Virgin!

You can dilute this 10:1 to use it as a cleaner for your babies/kid room as well. Wash the crib, the mattress, or anything else that needs washing or dusting!!


Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. Opinions are my own and completely honest.


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