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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Review


School time is here.. So if you’re looking for some awesome stackable lunch containers to fit inside your kid’s lunch box then head on over Rubbermaid to get your very own Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Sandwhich Kit.

Product Features

  • Designed to work together to save space and stay organized in a lunch bag
  • Can be configured to fit various lunch bag shapes and sizes
  • Perfectly sized for common foods taken on the go
  • Durable and Leak-Proof
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, bpa free

You might just end up stealing it for yourself, or your husband might—because this thing IS really nifty. It has already gotten tons of use at our home. I’ve used it to send Aidan’s lunch in, when they are having something that I know he will not eat.

On days that I know he will eat the lunch the school serves, I use one of these containers to send him a snack in. They stack and lock on top of each other so that it not only helps eliminate the containers falling over- but it also helps to keep them cool with them being able to be stacked on the ice pack.

There are two ways that the containers can stack on top of the ice pack. They can be stacked with the larger container on bottom, icepack, then the smaller containers. OR you can put the ice pack on the bottom, then the large container- and the smaller containers on top.

It is really cool AND really cheap. This lunch blox is only $12.99 on the Rubbermaid website. It comes with 2 snack containers, 1 side container, 1 Blue ice, and the sandwich container.

These containers are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. So you never have to worry about how your going to heat up your lunch at work- or ruining these amazing little containers. They are HERE to stay! AND because they are so cheap- you can afford to buy some not only for your children, but for hubby or yourself as well.

There are tons of places that these containers can be bought, so if you’re wondering- here is the list- Of course you can always but them on the website www.rubbermaid.com,

But you can also buy them at Target, Kmart, Kroger, Safeway, Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie, and select Wal-marts will also have these.

Taking lunch to school or work has never been easier OR cheaper. These containers are part of the new Rubbermaid Lunch Blox series. The series is designed to save space, so they can be used in various types of lunch boxes.

The sandwich container can be used with regular bread OR rectangular bread. The snack containers are perfect for small snacks such as carrots, cookies, or pudding. The bigger side is perfect for potato salad, tuna salad, ravioli, or chicken soup.

Of course, you can add whatever you want- this is just what I make for Aidan to take to lunch =)

Adam has already tried to steal this for his lunchbox for work.. lol. I let him take it when there is something at school that I know Aidan will eat, so he could use it as well.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are my own and 100% honest.


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