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Sultra Midnight Travel Blow-Dryer Review


The Sultra Midnight Travel Blow-dryer  is such a perfect travel blow-dryer. I have been using this for about a month now, and love every aspect of it. It is SUPER lightweight, so it’s not only easy to hold- but it’s easy to store as well.

This is the perfect size for storing in your suitcase or carry on. The handle folds into the head of the blow-dryer for an even smaller size. Don’t be fooled though- Just because this is a travel dryer, doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring the whole CA-BANG because it does.

This works just as well or even better than my regular blow-dryer does. The only thing it doesn’t have that my full size does is a cool-blow button. Compact yet comes with full power! Bring amazing results too.


This comes with a complimentary travel bag- so all you have to do is pack it up and GO! No more worries about how to stuff that oversized dryer into your bag so you can have beautiful hair whenever you need it.

Who wants to take a trip without having all the necessities? I know I didn’t. A full size dryer takes up tons of space in a suitcase- leaving less room for clothing and other necessities. Now you don’t have to choose between size and power, you can most definitely have BOTH!

This has a 9 foot cord that will NOT tangle up. It has a swivel bottom, so the cord moves around with you. How brilliant is that? It also has an awesome soft-touch protective case. This is brilliant. If your baggage gets knocked around, your dryer isn’t going to fall into a million pieces before you get where you’re going. It is made from ABS thermoplastic which is impact and heat-resistant.

It also has energy efficient 1000-watt technology so you get the most powerful dry, without blowing fuses or overdoing anything. It has universal voltage, so if that trip you’re taking is in another country- the dryer will still fit the electric sockets!

This has an amazing 2 year warranty! So if something happens to your dryer within that time period, you can most certainly return it and they will get you another one.

This has 2 speeds, so you get the look you’re going for. If you like blow-drying on high- go for it! The highest speed is what I always use. It’s quicker to blow dry my long medium-thick hair. But it also has a lower speed for people who don’t like using high speeds!

Although this dryer has full power and works amazingly- it is NOT intended for everyday use. This is meant to take on trips and use when you’re there.

My hair dries very quickly when I use this dryer, and it doesn’t frizz out at all. Most of the time, I have to straighten my hair right after I blow dry it. This seems to lock in moisture and lock out frizz.

This is an amazing invention. I can fit this dryer in the top part of my luggage with room to spare, so I also put in my travel straightener as well.

2012-06-02 21.43.36

See how it bends into itself? It makes itself smaller, so it becomes EVEN MORE compact!

Just because this isn’t for EVERYDAY use, doesn’t mean you can’t use it at your home once or twice a week =). I have fallen in LOVE with this dryer. If I needed to, I could slip this into my oversized bag and blow-dry my hair in the bathroom before work. HA =)

BUY IT: You can buy the Sultra Midnight Travel Blow-dryer for $95

While your at the website, look around and see all the other amazing products they have! They have such sexy and unique names for all of their hair styling products; such as the Seductress, the Diva, the Bombshell, the Wicked and MORE~♥

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