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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Cure 24/7 Split End Mender Review


This Split end mender is a leave-in treatment conditioner. It helps to re-strengthen the hair follicles and fibers so that your hair is silky smooth and takes back the health it once knew.

I’ve been using this split end mender for more than 3 weeks now, and am very pleased with the results of my hair health. The best thing about this is that you can apply to wet OR dry hair.

I have been doing both. I will shampoo and condition my hair, let it dry a little, and then put this in my hair. It has a pump action bottle, so you don’t get too much and waste it.

I only needed about a quarter size to get my medium thick long hair covered. You rub this on your roots and work your way down to the ends (starting in 3 sections). Section off your hair in left, right, and back sections- that way you know your getting ALL of the roots and every hair strand without leaving any out. Then comb through to distribute it evenly.

You can apply other styling products on top of this and it will still work without any problems at all. Whether it’s mousse, hair gel, or hairspray- this is the protectant underneath, revitalizing and replenishing your locks!

This is a clear, whitish liquid that goes a long way and smells amazing. Below are two pictures. One of the liquid in my hand and then another of the ends of my hair. So that you can see that all the split ends have regrouped into healthy strands of hair.

2012-05-29 04.32.502012-05-29 04.25.53

Strengthening hair has never been more convenient. I can throw this in my purse and take with me wherever I go. I can use this during the day not only to treat my hair, but to also reduce the frizz. It IS a smoother and I could tell within minutes that my hair was easier to manage and wasn’t as “brittle”.

2012-05-29 04.26.21

This product is SO amazing that it was featured in Allure Magazine as a way to help treat damaged and dry hair.! This has been tried and recommended by MANY people, myself included.

This basically conditions and holds split ends together so they aren’t visible at all. This doesn’t come out when you shampoo it either, it lasts through 2-3 shampoos before it washes out- so your hair is getting protection for 2-3 days from one use. This means that it is only needed a couple of times a week! MORE to use, YAY for your pocket AND your hair!

BUY IT: You can buy the 24/7 cure 1.7 oz. on the White Sands Website for $30 . While you’re there, check out their other products

If you'd like to find more information about this product or other items they have you can visit White Sands webpage or Facebook.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.

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