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Monday, September 10, 2012

Evie Evan Exfoliator & Concealer Review


Evie Evan is an amazing website, and I am thankful to have gotten to work with them. Not only are they on top of the skincare/makeup lines- but they also create items for the guys in our life. Can’t leave them out, can we?

The two items I received were the travel sizes, but I still have some left- using the exfoliant cream 2-3 times a week, and the concealer daily. Not only do I love these products they sent- but I love that they are cruelty free,

Evie Evan gives their word that they never test on animals! They love their doggy pals just as much as we do- SO instead of Fido testing these items ME OH MY I got to! SO exciting.

Mini Exfoliant Cream


Skin naturally sheds, as we all know. But do you know HOW much skin sheds? Billions of cells EVERY day. When these cells aren’t shedding the way that they should- skin becomes problematic. You’ll either end up with dull skin, acne, blackheads, or an uneven skintone.

2012-06-19 18.50.362012-06-19 18.51.53

The best thing to do to keep your skin looking as healthy and bright as it should be is to exfoliate those dead skin cells away. Exfoliation helps to relieve all those problems. It unclogs pores, cures acne, evens out skin, and makes the complexion bright and beautiful.

As you may know- each exfoliator is different. The ingredients within the exfoliation differs, the size of the exfoliation beads (granules). Larger Granules are for the body and shouldn’t be used on the face because it can damage skin. The Evie Evan website suggests using a smaller granule for the face because it has thinner skin.

Although I don’t have a Clarisonic- the Evie Evan Exfoliant Crème can safely be used with it without causing abrasions and breaks in the skin.

My Thoughts*

I have naturally oily skin, so I can get away with exfoliating 2-3 times a week without it bothering my skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin- you need to use exfoliators less than I do because it could redden or damage your skin.

Exfoliating your skin is basically just helping your cells come off without having to wait for the cells to come off naturally. Using the Evie Evan exfoliator is perfect. It’s unlike any other exfoliator I’ve ever used because of the size of the granules in the mixture.

It has less of a rough abrasion. It doesn’t scratch or break your skin. It just smoothly works into my skin, giving it a fresh rejuvenated feeling after. My oily skin has been restored and my complexion is looking amazing.

No acne, clogged up pores that create blackheads, no oiliness, and most of all- NOTHING to worry about. I added this to my natural skincare routine for the last 3 weeks and WOW!

Using: Wash your face and neck with face cleaner. This is to remove the dirt, oil, and grime so that the exfoliator can get right down to business! Then dab your fingers into the jar and apply the cream to the face.

Rub the cream into your skin doing small circular motions. Make sure you pay extra attention to problem areas (i.e. acne prone or oily parts). Let it sit for about half a minute and then rinse with warm water!

The trick to this amazing cream is the ingredients inside: Contains Volcanic Microcrystals, Green Tea, Chamomile and Jojoba Oil. It feels a bit like rubbing wet sand into the skin- I’ve never had an exfoliator feel like this before!

It has a purple tint which I think is awesome! It doesn’t seem to have a fragrance, but if it does it is such a small one that I can’t smell it. The jar I got was a small one, but I’ve been using it for 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks and still have some left. The trick- you don’t need very much at all!

I TOTALLY give this exfoliation cream an A+! Way to go Evie Evan- I am LOVING THIS!

BUY IT: You can buy this  Mini Exfoliant Cream for $18 on the website


Cleen Mineral Concealer


Have you ever had the experience of using a concealer that was just TOO light for your skintone? It looks absolutely horrifying. There is no use for using concealers that just don’t match up- YOU can tell that they’re there! Even if you try your hardest to cover it up with foundation- it’s still really hard.

That’s the readon I loved the Cleen Mineral Concealer so much. There are 5 different choices in this concealor- so you’ll never have to pack makeup over that concealer again! It was SO easy to blend in with my skin, and it hid all the imperfections (my dark eye circles) really REALLY well.

This isn’t a goopy, messy dreaded use of a concealer. I never once grimaced when putting this on. It can be applied with fingertips or a concealer brush. I used a concealer brush. I just dipped it in, applied it under my eyes (AND if I had a spot that day)- and rubbed it in with my fingers. NO problems, no mess, and NO undereye circles.

2012-06-19 19.29.34

I hate my undereye circles. I don’t want to walk around looking like I’ve never slept a day In my life since the kids were born (although I can say it’s rarely been a FULL night of sleep).. But I don’t want this advertising ALL over my face.

This is creamy, lightweight, and doesn’t smother my face. My makeup never creases on top of it, and it goes on SO smoothly. I love how well this covers my flaws while NOT showing that it’s covering anything. There’s nothing to show except PLAIN OH ME!

2012-06-19 19.44.30

I couldn’t have asked for a better concealer. ANOTHER A+ for Evie Evan.. They must have done their homework..

BUY IT: You can buy this Cleen Mineral Concealer for $25 on the website.

About the Evie Evan Name:

People recognize the double e’s and connect with ”The Collective” which is our visual representation of the company using our double e’s. Now many people ask about the name. Evie pronounced “E” “V” and Evan pronounced like the guys name are our modern version of Adam and Eve. We thought it was important to have a male and female name since we create products for both.


We are pro bunnies, pro doggies and pro all of nature’s cuties. So, of course we are cruelty free and we have our PETA bunny to prove it.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


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