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Miche Handbag Review


How Miche Was Born ...taken from the website.

On the way home from work in the fall of 2004, a young homemaker did something most women have done—she spilled on her favorite handbag. Frustrated by the thought of hunting for a replacement then transferring all the contents, she wished there was a way to just change the outside of the bag. The idea immediately popped into her mind to create a bag with changeable covers. Not to be deterred by her lack of sewing skills, she grabbed her super glue and some scrap fabric, took apart the stained bag, and made the very first prototype. With her rough creation in hand, she set out on a mission to bring the Miche Bag to life.

How do you change your Miche Bag shell?


There’s a choice of four sizes: Petite, Classic, Demi and Prima.


I ended up choosing the Prima Base and 2 shells. I am a Big handbag kind of girl. The Prima Base & Bags are  5″w x 15″l x12″ tall. I loved that they offered all 4 choices, so that no matter what your purse needs are- they have it!

The base includes 20.54″ long handles that are one inch wide. Once attached, create a 10′ handle drop.

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The inside of the purse is very big and open. It has 2 interior pockets that are open, so you can slide your cell phone, sunglasses, glasses, or whatever you want inside. It has 4 card slots, so they are at the ready when you need them to be, and a zippered pocket and 2 pen/pencil slots.


Once you have chosen what size base you want, then it’s time to select your shell(s).. The most EXCITING part! There are so many fabulous and beautiful designs that it was SO hard to choose.

I ended up getting: The Parker and Chelsey shells. Oh how beautiful they are♥


2012-06-16 23.22.40

I am loving this faux leather crocodile pattern in Chartreuse green. I can wear this bag with just about anything to give it such a great pop of color! It has the metal MICHE emblem in the front and 2 side pockets for extra storage.

It is easy to clean because of the faux leather.. just wipe it down and go! I am loving it! Both of these bags have added such a classy look to my wardrobe. They might just be FAUX leather, but they look and feel real. The only difference is the price tag. Instead of paying $500, you’re only paying $50.

As a mom and a purse hoarder, I am loving that I can just collect the shells and change the outside when and where I want to, without all the hassle of dumping everything out, resorting it, and putting it back.

It takes a max of 1 minute (if that) to unwrap the shell’s magnetic closure, pull the base part of the bag out, and put on a new shell! Wa-lah. Transformed from work day to night out within seconds.. Most easy to do thing I’ve come across in years!

And because I carry so much stuff with me, it’s not only a time saver, but a life and fashion saver as well. Now I won’t be caught with a leopard print purse with nothing leopard on at all.. BRILLIANT and cheap! What mom OR fashionista could turn THIS down? Certainly not me.

I even went to the Doctor for refills and she was asking where I got it. She didn’t know that it changed shells, she just loved the design of the parker- until I explained the convenience of the shells. SHE was amazed, and I was smiling!


The Chelsey bag is a multi=tasker- it can be worn as a purse OR a backpack. It has small loops at the bottom of the bag so you can clip your straps in it for a Backpack- or clip them up top for the purse!

2012-06-16 23.21.362012-06-16 23.21.44

AND- this can be attached to a very long handle (which wasn’t and isn’t included) but this can also triple as a messenger bag. What woman wouldn’t love that? I know I do. I’m totally loving that I can decide whether I need a purse or a backpack for the day! =)

It is a white faux leather which makes it a dream to clean. Just wipe it down when I’m done using it and it’s good to go! Because it’s white, it goes with EVERYTHING no matter what color, so that’s a giant plus!

Instead of having to zip and unzip- all Miche Bags close when you touch the two sides together. It’s the magnetic inside the purse that holds the shells on, that also doubles as a purse closure. I am seriously loving these bags and not sure how I EVER lived without them.

They aren’t just convenient, but made PERFECTLY with storage in mind. I have 2 kids- so naturally I carry my wallet, camera, lotion, perfume, little cosmetic bag, and random stuff that the kids hand me!

Miche also sells accessories like changeable straps, charms and coin purses. They are all so fun!

If you’re looking for a fun way to make some money Miche offers work from home opportunities where you can earn money working from home and offering your friends and community special Hostess Rewards and Exclusive Hostess Shells when they have a Miche party with their friends. Check out their website at www.michebag.com for more information on this great opportunity.

Miche Bags are also affordable with base bags starting at $21.95 and Shells at $17.95.


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