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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Ecover Laundry Powder ZERO

Our fantastic Ecover Laundry Powder Zero is especially formulated to give effective cleaning on all your whites and colors with a fragrance free finish. Without harmful bleach or optical brighteners Ecover Laundry Powder ZERO packs a punch while respecting your family's skin.

Ecover Zero Natural Laundry Powder Fragrance Free -- 48 oz

  • Tough on Dirt
  • Plant-based and mineral ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • ZERO fragrance

I got a chance to review this thanks to the NaturallySavvy Blogger Program. Usually I’m not one to buy a powder laundry detergent. Other’s that I bought were leaving these weird little marks on my clothes that look like the water smashed the detergent in my clothes. I am so glad that I gave this a try though because there was nothing on my clothes except an amazing clean!

This has totally changed my perspective on powder detergents. It is a natural laundry detergent made from plant-based and mineral ingredients. It is great for whites and colors all the same!

I wish I had known about this when my kids were babies, because I was always looking for natural laundry detergents that were safe for babies. This one totally is. Because it has no chemicals, fragrance, or dyes it is perfect for little skin!

This is also safe for your septic tanks. This isn’t going to cause any chemicals to be washed into your local water, so this is hands down ABSOLUTELY perfect in every way!

Of course it doesn’t smell, so you aren’t going to have lavender or mountain air scented clothes, but if you’re looking for a fragrance free all natural detergent this is the BEST! TIP: You don’t even have to use as much as it says. A full load of clothes will come out absolutely sparkling with just a small amount!!

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If you go to their Facebook page they have printable coupons and deals for the web!

Disclosure: I qualified for this review as a Naturally Savvy blogger. This isn’t a sponsored post, the opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way!



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