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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Master Lock dialSpeed 1500 EDBX: Tech Savvy Padlock

When I was in HIgh School, I swear I’d forget my combination more times then I could remember it. Here it was early morning and the bell was about to ring and I am stuck at my locker looking dumb.

I couldn’t remember it for the life of me. No matter WHAT I did, I would ALWAYS forget.  And then when I did remember it would be endlessly turning it back and forth, back and forth. I hated it.

Now with the new and best technology Masterlock presents NO. 1500E DIALSPEED™ COMBINATION PADLOCKS. This lock is NOTHING like the older types. There is absolutely no swiveling from side to side hoping to hit the right number.

This lock features a keypad with 4 arrows. The keypad is very similar to that of a cell phone. The buttons are very cushiony and easy to use. It comes with a code already installed on it, but each user can change it to whatever they like (up, down, down, left) or something similar.

You can choose from 4-12 positions, so only you and whoever you give it to knows the combination. This is SO much easier to use than a metal swivel pad lock. It is designed so that you can open it with just one hand. No more juggling a backpack, books, and a lunchbox!

Here is a video of the lock and how it’s used. Notice how easy it is to use?

Other features of Master Lock dialSpeed include:

  • Ability to set up to 3 additional guest codes for family members to have access without being able to reset the code
  • Unique Backup master Code securely stored at Master Lock Vault
  • 5 year batter can only be replaced when the lock is in the open position
  • 1” Boron carbide verticle shackle fits lovers and provides increased cut resistance

Master Lock dialSpeed is available from the Master Lock website and retails for $39.68 and is a great investment for middle and high school kids, college kids who want to keep their stuff safe from their roommate, or just anyone needing an up to date lock.

I use mine to lock up my laptop and tablet when I’m not using them. Especially when we go somewhere! I know that my stuff is safe and secure because this has a feature that makes it harder for someone to try and cut it with a bolt cutter,!

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Disclosure: I received a free sample to review through Mom Bloggers Club, and the opinions are completely honest.



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