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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Roux Color Refresh Mask (Fire Red)

A product thumbnail of Roux Color Refresh Mask Fire Red
In just 3 minutes Roux Color Refresh Mask revives color, provides intense conditioning and radiant shine to color treated hair.
  • Provides intense conditioning
  • Revives color
  • Adds radiant shine
Roux Color Refresh Mask in just 3 minutes revives color and provides intense conditioning while adding radiant shine to color treated hair. The Color refresh Mask is formulated to combat the effects of color fading or becoming off tone between color treatments.
Ionic pigments deposit color on color treated hair. AHA fruit acids will give intense moisture and close the cuticle to make hair soft to the touch with a brilliant shine. Color lasts 3-5 washes depending on hair type.

I am IN LOVE with this. I had never heard about it before, and was DYING to give it a whirl. I love how cheap it is. It’s only $4.99 (on sale for Oct for only $2.99) and there are 8 available colors;

• White Platinum 1002
• Pale Gold 1003
• Light Pearly Beige Blonde 813
• Copper 740
• Fire Red 600
• Burgundy 200
• Deep Chestnut 513
• Brown 411

I ended up getting the Fire Red, because I have always wanted to have red highlights in my dark hair- that I’ve lowlighted with black. This was a fun alternative to a permanent hair color, and I got to see if it would complement my skin tone.
This is supposed to be for refreshing your hair color in between salon visits. If I had red hair, this would definitely give me the tone I needed. I used it to put red highlights in my hair.
What you need is your color pack and some gloves. It doesn’t come with any, so I was lucky that we had been to the dentist and he gave me 3 extra pairs to put fluoride on the kid’s teeth.
2012-06-25 21.45.332012-06-25 21.46.26
Get an old tshirt and put it on. Wrap an old towel around your neck to prevent the dye from getting on your skin or clothing (even though you are wearing an old shirt).
Put your hair up in a half ponytail (top half up, bottom half down). Take the bottom part and split into 2 parts. Make one half of the hair lay on the right side, and the other on your left.
2012-06-25 21.46.53
Take one side and spread the dye into it, then the other- making sure that you get all your hair strands. after you’ve gotten the bottom half completed, take the top half down and start on it. I always lean my head back and smear it backwards from the top of my head down. Then I part my hair and do the same as the bottom , starting with one side and working my way over.
After you have all your hair done, leave the dye on. The longer you leave it on, the more intense your color will be. I left mine on for about 10 minutes, but you can leave it on for 3 (which is recommended)  it’s up to you. I wanted a really REALLY vibrant red.
2012-06-25 21.59.082012-06-25 21.59.01
Make sure you use your old towel to wipe your face around your hairline, neck, and ears when you’re done.
I have previously dyed my hair a deep brown with red tones in it, and then put black lowlights in it. When I used this, it grabbed the non-black color and added mega red to it. I LOVE it.
2012-06-25 23.22.522012-06-25 23.23.032012-06-25 23.22.202012-06-25 23.22.39
You can definitely see the red highlights in it. The best thing about it is, that the bottles have these little caps that you can pop the top back on, so you aren’t wasting it if you don’t use it all. VERY GREAT idea. I wish at home hair dyes had this as well.
2012-06-25 23.25.11
If you were to get one of these, which color would you choose? Would you use it to refresh your hair? Or use it like I did, to put color in your hair where there wasn’t before?
BUY IT: You can buy the Roux Color Refresh Masks at Sally Beauty for $4.99
Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.

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