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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moving With Kids: Top 3 Tips


Packing up the entirety of your family home during a home-move can be a stressful process at the best of times. But throw small children into the mix, and the word ‘stressful’ becomes a fairly tame word to describe events.
As well as all of the packing, organizing and cleaning to think about, you’ve also got your little one to think about; how will they cope as you sort through their precious possessions and better still, how are you going to keep them out of harms way amongst all of the commotion?
So, to help you along with your big family move, here are a few little tips that’ll help to keep your youngster out of the way and ensure you can get on with your move as stress-free as possible:

1. Let Them Help You’ve tried everything to help keep your child amused whilst you make the dreaded start on packing up the boxes, but neither the colouring books, films, or games seem to be doing the trick. If your child is eager to help mummy and daddy pack away the family home, then let them.

Show them how to wrap the less valuable items and also how to place them into the right boxes. Alternatively, let them stick colour-coded stickers on any boxes or let them pass items to you to wrap. They’ll soon enjoy being involved with mum and dad on the big move adventure, and it’ll make sure they stay exactly where you can keep an eye on them!

2. Wait Until Dark One of the most difficult things parents face when packing up the family home, is the problems associated with deciding what toys to keep, and which ones to get rid of. After all, I’m sure every parent can relate to having an ever-growing toy box that has gradually taken over the entirety of a room!
Children love their toys, and it’s pretty likely that when asked which ones they’d like to keep, they’ll insist on all of them – even if they haven’t played with the toys at the bottom of the toy-box for months. It’s this that can often result in an emotional battle between child and parent.

Therefore, the tip here is to remove any old, forgotten about toys whilst your little one is asleep. If they haven’t played with it for a little while, chances are they wont miss it once they’ve got to the new house. Not only is this an answer to avoiding all the tears and tantrums, but it’ll also ensure you’re fabulous new home starts a little more clutter-free!

3. Hire Help
If you’re finding that you’re the whole moving situation is getting a little to stressful and becoming too much of a juggling act, an easier solution is to hire a little help.
Hiring a reputable removal service, such as UShip, will not only help you to move your items from one house to another, but they’ll also help to pack your possessions completely hassle free!
This means that rather than worrying about your little one running around your feet amongst hazardous packing materials whilst you’re preoccupied amongst the boxes, the only thing you have to worry about is making your new house as homely for all the family as the last.

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance writer with three daughters, who after moving 8 times in the last 10 years considers herself somewhat of an expert in the field of house removals.


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