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Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: AnneMarie Gianni Skincare- Aloe-Herb Cleanser & Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

AnneMarie is an amazing woman, with an amazing goal- to give us REAL eco-friendly skincare.

Even the packaging is all natural. The bottles that her products come in are Miron Violet Glass. Reading about this on her website- made me learn some new and interesting insights to glass. I had absolutely no clue that other glass bottles; whether they are clear, green, blue, or brown- will let sunlight in and it will damage skin care products! She uses this certain special glass bottles that preserve the products while being eco-friendly. You can read more about the bottles here!

I love when companies try their very best- not to only bring the customer happiness with their products, but also aren’t persuaded to take the cheaper route here and there- adding small bits of chemicals and try and pass the product off as all natural. When reading the website, AnneMarie clearly states that when she first began her business that others tried to get her to do this and SHE WAS NOT ok with this! KUDOS for her and FOR US! I’m glad she took a stand for us!

So, not only are her products 100% organic and natural, but the bottles are as well. It adds class and sophistication to skin care that having a plastic bottle just doesn’t! I love the 2 items I was sent and the bottle & jar they came in.

Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser (50ml)

I was sent the AnneMarie Gianni Aloe-Herb Cleanser which is only $24.95 on the website. That isn’t too bad for a all natural cleanser AND an amazing bottle that not only keeps the product safe but essentially keeps them fresher for a longer period of time.!

I loved the little symbol (her company icon) on the bottle. It is simple yet elegant- just like the cleanser. I love her already! Cleansing with herbs, aloe, and plants? WHY yes! AnneMarie has definitely done her research because I fell in LOVE with this product.

It is pH balanced to enhance skins natural acid mantle and protect the skins natural moisture. My skin was silky soft and I knew that I had nothing to worry about pertaining chemicals!

This was extremely mild cleanser that safely and effectively removed all the dirt and oils on my face. Even that deep down dirt went bye-bye, and I was left with soothed, smoothed, all naturally cleaned skin! Couldn’t have asked for more from this product!

You can use this in the morning, at night, or both. You can put it on dry or damp skin, just massage it into your face and neck and rinse well. It smells like springtime flowers, so I was getting a hint of aromatherapy while I washed my face.

It is a creamy white liquid that favors a lotion,and has a wonderful smell. It massages right into my skin without absolutely no problem. AND it makes my bathroom counter look good too! Winking smile

My skin wasn’t only clean (VERY clean), but it was free from acne and blemishes. It was hydrated and smooth. My skin looks absolutely beautiful, glowing, and now my makeup goes on without a flaw!

2012-07-13 06.12.06

It comes with a pump-top bottle, so it’s easy to get only the amount that’s needed when it’s needed. This also keeps you from overusing and wasting the product! It smells amazing- you can absolutely tell that this was made with nothing but herbs, plants, and a little aloe vera.

The Aloe Vera in this is what soothes the skin so much. It’s also a very well known product for healing acne and other skin trouble! This has a blend of essential fatty acids that you skin needs (and almost identical) to what you skin already produces.

If you have any kind of skin care damage, this product will also help to repair the free-radical damage so that you skin can transform back into it’s naturally healthy beautiful self. It’s a miracle skin potion in a beautiful bottle!

The ingredients are right on the package. They are easy to read and easy to understand. This is SO unlike most facial cleansers who use detergents and chemicals to scrub the dirt from your face. Why would YOU use those nasty chemicals when there is something just as powerful but is made with vegan, gluten-free products?


Love, organic aloe vera juice infused with organic herbs (lavender flowers, calendula flowers, life everlasting flowers, hyssop, lemon balm, neem leaf, olive leaf, plantago leaf ); organic coconut oil; cocoglucoside (coconut oil & glycerine); organic vegetable glycerine; aspen bark extract; organic ruby grapefruit oil; organic lemon oil; organic green mandarin oil; xanthan gum; organic rosemary oleoresin.

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

Next on the list is the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub. This is all about natural exfoliation. AnneMarie has blended Indian herbs, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and traditional herbal treatments to not only exfoliate the dead skin cells away, but it nourishes as well.

My skin could definitely use a rejuvenation. My skin cells produce at a very high rate- which tend to leave me with blackheads on my nose and on my chin.

The Rhassoul clay is what makes for the natural exfoliation. Most companies exfoliation products strip my skin and make my skin extremely red for about 30 minutes after use. NOT with this, you just mix it with a cleanser ( the Aloe-Herb cleanser is recommended). and massage it on your face and neck along with the cleanser. This has a wide variety of minerals to moisturize and nourish AS it exfoliates, and it has an amazing quality of being able to soak up and remove the dirt, oil, and toxins from the skin!

Fenugreek seeds have been found to contain protein, vitamin C, niacin, and potassium, as well as diosgenin, which is found to be anti-inflammatory. Fenugreek may also soothe irritated skin and relieve surface aches and pains.

I was amazed at her ability to find such amazing ingredients. I had actually never heard of either the Fenugreek seeds or the Rhassoul clay, but they have provided such an amazing results without irritating my skin.

For use- you mix a teaspoon of the scrub with 2-3 pumps of the cleanser and a small amount of water three to four times a week. You wash your face clean with a warm, wet washcloth after scrubbing/massaging the mixture into your skin.

When I first opened the jar, I kind of had my doubts. I had never used an “exfoliator” that didn’t have tiny microbeads. This looked like fine ground up spices and smelled like it too.

I was immediately impressed after using it though. I thought it was going to be too mild for my oily skin, but it wasn’t. My skin was soft, VERY clean, and there was absolutely no redness to my skin afterwards!

If you’re looking for a more gentle way to exfoliate your skin, this is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t sting or burn when too close to the eyes. I got accustomed to the spice smell.

BUY IT: You can buy the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub. for 24.95 online or you can click here to find a store near YOU!


Love, organic lavender flowers; organic fenugreek seed; rhassoul clay; organic rosemary leaves; organic lemon balm leaves; organic shavegrass (horsetail herb); organic neem leaves; organic comfrey root; organic lemon peel; honey powder.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way,



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