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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Down East Basics- Fall Fashion Must Have!


Leaves are changing colors and dropping to the ground, weather is getting cooler, and the darkness is coming earlier.. yes fall is here. The crispness of the leaves, the beautiful colors, and fall fashion- who could disagree with Fall?

My Fall Wardrobe consists of hoodies, long sleeves, boots, boots, did I mention boots? But I definitely wanted to add in some very chic and sophisticated clothing this year due to me being a NEW business owner! YAY! I want to look professional and stylish at the same time.

This is where Downeast Basics come in! I had tons of fun looking through their new fall arrivals. They give fall fashion an entirely different meaning! Trendy little jackets, beautiful long sleeves shirts, sweaters, cardi sweaters, and some amazing skirts.

S0- it was hard for me to choose something- ANYTHING because I had a pick of like 3. I ended up choosing the Fashion Relic Jacket that retails for $44.99, and I KNOW that I made the right choice.

As soon as this came in the mail, I was SUPER stoked to try it on. The mail came right before I was headed to pick my son up from school, so I brought it with me. AS I sit in the pickup line waiting for traffic to move, I slipped this beauty on and basked in it's trendiness.

Now- when it's cool but not cold, I don't have to look like a bundled up Eskimo with the fuller heavy coat on. I can now look smartly dressed for the office and look amazing at the same time.

I am super sure that I am addicted to this. I mean- why ELSE would I wear this with black reeboks and jeans? Just for the heck of it- THAT's why. Because I love the feel of the fabric on my skin. How the arm length fits closely to my elbows. There's no constant pulling down or pushing up. It just fits OH so perfectly.


3/4 sleeve French terry jacket with ruffled collar and wide, tie waistband. I love that it's called a "French" terry jacket. OKAY- make me feel that much more fabulous, go ahead! It came in two different colors; frappe and sparrow. I couldn't resist ALMOST getting the frappe just because I love frappes and I love that they would name a smartly cut jacket after a perfectly made drink.

In the end, I had to end up going with the Sparrow though. WHY? Because I have some really kick butt boots that it would go perfectly well. Not to mention my kids would really try and destroy me if I had the "frappe" color on. Have you ever tried to wear light colors around kids? It's like standing in a rainstorm praying not to get wet.

The jacket has a button front closure which I love. It can be washed in the machine in cold water  on the gentle cycle, tumbled dry, and ironed if necessary. This just whispers my name.. I mean- the fabric is amazingly soft and doesn't need to be dry-cleaned. It had me at hello ;)


You better get YOURS before it’s gone Winking smile They only keep stuff in stock a very short amount of time, they go QUICK!

BUY IT: You can buy the Fashion Relic Jacket for $44.99

WIN IT: An Item from the DownEast Basics NEW Arrival page will be part of the Fantabulous Fall Giveaway which will also feature some other very awesome beauty & fashion products Winking smile

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest!

* Jessica*


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