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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Therapearl Cold/Hot Therapy Packs


TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask

I am pretty sure I have fallen in love! This Therapearl Eye essential Hot or Cold Pack has been my life line over the last month. As a mom, I don’t get very many way to relax- now all I have to do is take this out of the freezer or microwave and it’s instant relaxation!

Even after an adequate nights sleep *which I rarely get* I still wake up with bloodshot, red, puffy eyes. Not only does it make me look tired, unrested, and stressed out, but it makes me feel like it as well.

This is a great natural way to relieve the puffiness and redness that can come with lack of sleep or allergies.-When you stick it in the freezer, the cold relieves sinus headaches, dry eyes, puffy eyes, and it can also reduce the sting and pain if you’ve had a brow wax or a cosmetic procedure.

The heated pack will help relieves nasal congestion and swelling. I love it’s face hugging shape. I can lay down on the bed with this on my eyes (and string around my head) and actually relax while I have this on. The string is thin but stretches amazingly well. The string doesn’t cut into my head, pull my hair, or hurt my head when I’m laying down like ponytails do.

The heat or coldness lasts for 20 amazing minutes, and there is absolutely no dripping or leaking. This is perfect for dry eyes, headaches, sinuses, puffy eyes, and more! I’ve been having severe headaches for more than 2 months now. I have an appointment to go to a Neuro doctor, but he is booked up until the end of October. So I have been SO grateful to have this on hand. It has helped with the headaches in ways that nothing has so far.

TheraPearl® hot & cold therapy packs are doctor designed to provide extraordinary relief from everyday aches and pains including inflammation, bruising, joint/muscle soreness and  so much more! Pearls conform to the body while holding their healing temperatures for the doctor-recommended time (15-20 minutes) for optimal theraputic benefit. Freeze or microwave. Non-toxic and reusable. Latex, lead and BPA-free.

BUY IT: You will NEVER want to be without the Therapearl Hot or Cold Therapy Packs once you get it, I promise. It’s such a great quality product for only $12.50

Therapearl also sent 2 Therapearl buddies for my kids and Oh MY GOD was I ever so grateful for it. I was running bathwater for myself and went to the bedroom to get some lotion. Adisyn was asleep and Aidan was laying down watching cartoons. It was almost bedtime for him as well because he had school the next morning.

I figured he would drift off while I was in the bathtub. I guess while I was gathering my bath products and pajamas, Aidan ran into the bathroom and jumped in the water.

Somehow he ended up slipping and smacking his face right on the toilet lid. His eye immediately started swelling. He is clumsy by nature- and nothing had EVER worked for him (having a black eye) before.

Everything was too cold for him (even when it was wrapped in a washcloth). He would never put it on his bruises to keep them from swelling. As soon as he had the accident with the toilet- I immediately reached in the freezer and grabbed a therapearl buddy and put it on his eye.

It didn’t keep it from blackening, but it did keep it from getting absolutely horrid. It kept the swelling down and he didn’t whine or cry that it was too cold for his face (and I only wrapped it in a thin napkin) when I covered his eye.

When I took him into school the next morning to explain his black eye, I was forever thankful that it wasn’t huge and swollen. It was black but not a giant knot like it would have been. These are also great to calm the itchiness of poison ivy and oak, scrapes, bumps, and cuts.

I love how the beads in these packs soak up the temperature and balance it throughout instead of it being absolutely freezing. AND the animal pals are VERY cute. He liked the Frog and Adisyn took to the Puppy (of course).

BUY IT: You can buy your own Therapearl Buddy for only $5.99

I am a member of PTPA (Parents Tested Parents Approved) and this has gotten a VERY raved about reviews from other parents. Now I know why. I never want to be without either the eye essentials for me, or the buddies for the kids!

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way,



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