Monday, November 12, 2012

How Make Yourself Cozy During the Winter Time

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For many of us fall time is still here, but for others in different parts of the United States where it snows, it seems like winter has come already! Snow has definitely reached me in Utah and I’ve been snowed in for three days at my home due to one factor – me not wanting to unbury one foot of snow that’s on top of my car! All of this snow definitely means a long winter and I’m already cold and yearning for spring time. I’ve been thinking of ways to keep myself warm during the winter time, and I just don’t mean huddling by the fire! I think making subtle changes to my home and investing in the right clothing will brighten my mood and keep me warm. I hope it does the same for you!

Stylish Furniture for Entertaining – My family and I often have company over during the holidays and its always nice having plenty of room in the dining room area for guests and not to mention for food. By having a large dining room there’s plenty of space for company and yummy food that makes up a delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas feast. Plus, that’s why having stylish and functional dining table and chairs is important during the holidays. Having the right amount of dining room space will be perfect for your guests and it will look inviting during the winter. I get excited thinking about having company over and look forward to creating a cozy atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

Warm Clothing on Cold Winter Days – Winter clothing is definitely important when you have cold temps that chill you to the bone. My personal favorites are jeans, leggings, sweaters, and long sleeve tops. Of course I also enjoy pairing a winter dress with leggings and putting on a pair of boots to top it all off during special occasions or if I just want to feel extra pretty! Winter clothing is all about layering and feeling stylish simultaneously. Warning: if you try to sacrifice warmth for style you definitely will suffer – it’s cold out there!

Simple Touches Like Hot Cocoa and Movies – Of course I wouldn’t stay sane without a warm winter bath, hot cocoa, hot cider, and watching my favorite films. I definitely rely on my Netflix throughout winter and I also find myself running to Redbox quite often as well. When you’re surrounded by snow and can’t stay warm a great movie and warm liquids such as soup is what I turn to. It certainly is a calming element to look forward to during the winter time and is a must-do activity throughout the winter months.

Sierra is a freelance writing and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She stays cozy during the winter time through great company, hot cocoa and warm clothes!


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